Time to Gear Up Javabot

So I am leaning towards that pure 20 FvS for my Javabot rebuild. But today is not about the build but its gear. So lets run down my level 20 known gear.

In the hat slot I have a Renard’s Elegant Hat, I don’t have to wear it all the time. But using my hat slot for feather fall and have it look good, win win.

Neck: Torc. Move on blue bar melee type build, no brainer.

Trinket slot: Bloodstone/Litany/Head of Good Fortune/Greater Bold Trinket/ other clickly trinkets

Bracers and Gloves: Epic Claw Set

Rings: I like the Warchanter’s Band (+2 Str) +2 Chr and +3 exp Str very solid ring. Tumbleweed to-hit bonus and whatnot.. There might be another tod ring like the reaver ring that I luck sack into but for now I am thinking I might need the to-hit. Circle of Hatred.

Boots: Needs to be flexible. Tod boots, Firestorm whatnot.

Now the Cloak and Goggles slots: I saved these for last because I am thinking of finishing/scraping and making new green steel items for these slots. I would normally plan on an CordOp item some place in a caster build. But as I already have a torc and the deeper pool that is the fvs I don’t know if I need the cordop also. So I am thinking a res/hp/hp item in one slot and a res/sp/sp item in the other. I really like the idea of having an Air and an Earth item as dispelling happy mobs like to cast acid and electric spells. Using the Fvs :Energy Resistance feats for fire/cold/sonic + 30 acid/electric gives fairly solid beholder elemental resistances. But the idea of crafting up guard heavy items also have some appeal.

Weapons: Going WF opens up the Lord of Blades aka great swords. So I made a level two bta holy icy burst with the ice games going on. And I heard that Fopo might have an Atonement for trade… But as for making a green steal before TRing???? Maybe? Maybe a simple 3x positive for an catch all weapon and a Vampiric Fury Blade as an all the time sword for leveling up. I do know an unlocked Wrath of Sora Kell set will make the leveling up a lot easer.

Well if you have any suggestions for Java’s end game/leveling gear post a comment.

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