Think I made Someone’s List

So a few days back. I was in a grouping mood and decided to check out the lfm pannel. And see a hard hound up. Now I know the the raid leader and have had an encounter with this guy in the past. But not enough to put him on my don’t group list. But enough I remember his name.

The group had 7-8 people, a good mix of melees and a fvs. The message in the lfm was casters and healers. And was open to 18-20 level guys. I applied. And hit my ship buffs. You know getting all ready.

And I sit. And sit. 5 minutes goes by and I am getting frustrated. 10 goes by and I am getting pissed. At 15 minutes I am done waiting for a decline. I ask the wife, who is ice jumping, for an invite so I don’t get added to the raid later once I am in a dungeon solo. And start a normal Prey on the Hunter. Stiner logs on and he joins me and we finish up in 15 or so minutes.

I recheck the lfm pannel a few more slots were filled, but there was still 2 or 3 slots left. Same message, same level range.

So we rerun Prey and I notice I was declined as the group became full. No big deal. We finish up, and Stiner has to get to his static group. So I re check out the lfm panel and the raid leader has a reformish lfm, so I guess I dodged a bullet. But I still hate limbo.

Really guys if you don’t want me, please use that decline button.


4 thoughts on “Think I made Someone’s List

  1. Yeah, I’d rather just be outright declined than simply ignored. There I am, sitting around waiting for the quest I’d like to do, watching others I’d probably jump in if I wasn’t sitting around waiting pop up and then go away… and the whole time I’m saying “Hmm, am I being ignored, or did the guy just go AFK?” *ding* “Your request has been declined; group is full.” “Well, that answers THAT, I guess…”

    For the love of whatever deity(-ies) you worship, people… have the courtesy to hit Decline. Don’t keep people in limbo. If they immediately ask to join again, then feel free to ignore ’em… but first time? Decline.

  2. I have a guild of mostly lower level people for the time being so I have to hit the LFM quit often on Khyber. I hate being ignored. I have; however, learned a new tactic. I will request to join a group I want, then if I do not get a reply soon and there is another group I want I request it. Which ever takes me first I go with.

    • I think a lot of people use this tactic, that is why we get so many “what quest?” questions when someone joins.

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