Do a ToD and Neuter myself VS the Abbot….

A few post back I talked about the decision to swap Disintegrate for Reconstruct to help keep up a WF tank healed in a hard ToD run… Well let me tell you about last nights Elite Abbot run…

So the same guy that had me swap into Disintegrate starts that Abbot. Miss was already in along with a few other quality names. I jump into the portable hole and think how I am going to help, with no disintegrate? Answer get disintegrate. Nope still on timer. Try to swap with Dragon blood? Nope..

Okay..what else??? Scrolls. I am sure the Abbot will pass most of the saves but what do I have to lose?

The group forms up and becomes a real all star group, there are just a few names missing from my ideal do anything group and of course me… Oncler takes note and cracks a joke. “If the Abbot wins this one, he should take a screen shot!”

We get assignments and go, I jump in to roids late, or I felt late. But still got a slot with roids and went to town. I think roids got beefed up some from the last time I got to do roids. Knowing goggles means you are a goggler any more… But if most roids are at that level, I can see how groups have started to fail. It is not hard, but if someone decides to “help” cover someone else’s zone they could find themselves over whelmed in their own zone with 3 or 4 rocks bearing down at once.

But we finish with no problems. And the extra roids show up. I take a stack right away, and after a few seconds no one goes for the other stack I take it too. And inform the party of how I now have infinite Sp, and I will be blasting away. But my status bar wont look like I am… And that it has nothing to do with swapping my only Abbot killing spell for Reconstruct, and that I have 4 hours left on another swap…

There was many lols in chat, as people were still getting across goggles.

The Abbot has Immunity to Cold and Electric, a ward that stops half of the disintegrates cast at him, and a Mantle of Invulnerability 4th level spells and lower…I thought Cyclonic Blast would work, but it doesn’t. I am a little confused and disappointed…. And I am left with throwing rocks, hasting the party and killing any trash that pops up…

We won, I think there was a quiver. I remember not being super impressed with the chest. But 10k xp is good enough for me, for now.

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