Whos is a Cute Little Barbarian?

I was enjoying the latest Kal’s Den. And Kalari went off on the poor crafting system and namely how would someone “waste” a rare raid drop on Greater Halfling Bane. Well let me put a few ideas out there. 🙂 Rawr! I am a halfling baby.

Okay, in Eberron halflings come in a few basic types urban and wild. I can’t seem to help but see a quest line where some Talenta halflings find themselves in xen’drik causing a few problems. The people of the plains are nomads after all, what is a sea in the name of halfling wonderment?

I see maybe a quest not unlike the protect the caravan quest but with halflings on dino mounts attacking. And you have to keep the caravan moving through a canon in a timely manor.

Speaking about the dino mounts real fast. I see the tech in Ddo already to make this happen. The Abishai already fly, and attack from the air. And we already have a few mounted mobs that are two staged mobs. Mob on mount, mob unmounted so a dino mount should just be a matter of skinning and programing.

A quest where you have to earn the respect of the halfling tribe by clearing out a dangerous cave or track and kill a crazy mob while embracing the methods of the tribe. I would like to see some kind of “naked” solo quest. All your gear is “hidden” and you are given a sharped stick of some sort and maybe a “medicine bag” for limited spell components, with some kinda of collectible you could gather to recharge it.

I can see a quest (or raid even) were your group is hired to retrieve an item and it happens to be an sacred item to a tribe and first you have to fight your way in to a sacred place protected by idk dinos and dire animals? Then get the item angering the local tribe and have to try to fight your way out. Only to find yourself having to deal with the uber of the halfling tribe. Once you defeat them maybe the tribes chief shaman calls upon their dino god and it appears as a dire T-rex or something calling lighting bolts from the skies and shooting fire from its anus. You know good times. 😉

I can picture named items being all bone and wood. Caveman weapons/armor/items with a magical twist. How great would it be to fight dino riders? How bad ass to summon dinos? You thought beholders and mindflayers were cool.

All I am saying is if a barbarian hoard is scary, how much scarier would those barbarians be if YOUR groin was at their punching level? And they had pet Dinos? And hate tall people.

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