In the Epic Battle for My Attention

TV won out over Ddo last night. So I am going to take today and talk about the what is on my DVR.

Syfy has destroyed most of the the other Monday night programing with the return of Eureka and Warehouse 13. I only caught the first episode of ALPHAS so far and I have to say not horrible. But Pawn Stars and American Restoration make the cut as well.

I want to say Tuesday is USA night I am not 100% sure as I let the DVR record all of my programing and watch them normally in the morning as I am getting ready for work or over my lunch break. Saving my evenings for Ddo.

I do know that USA the cable channel for me has always been used to tape mini House or L&O: SVU marathons in the middle of the week. But they have started making some really good shows. It all started last summer with Covert Affairs. Amazing. Suits, amazing. Necessary Roughness also you guessed it amazing.

I am sure there are other shows as well but I am having a brain fart. I do want to talk about Netflix also however. Even as pissed off I am at them for the from out of the blue price hike. I do still ❤ them. And I think that is why they will get a way with that 60% price jump. They are just great. That said I will be moving to streaming only and hitting the red box when I need a movie that I can’t stream. I am also looking at Walmart’s movie streaming service VUDU. I like the idea of it any way, I haven’t gotten into any details.

Any way on Netflix, we should have all the Startrek tv shows. I know we have to of my favorites Enterprise and Voyager. I am moving through Voyager right now. I can watch any time now that I can stream to my phone. So I can turn in early cuddle with the puppy and enjoy a show as I begin to drift off. I could have done the same thing years ago I guess if I put a tv in the bedroom, but I didn’t. There are a few older cartoons also on netflix. Including the painful to watch 90s Iron man and the more painful but childhood favorite The Mysterious Cities of Gold.

Add in Capt America and Cowboys and Aliens and it is shaping up to be quite the fight for my entertainment dollars.

One thought on “In the Epic Battle for My Attention

  1. USA Favorites (in no particular order): Covert Affairs, Burn Notice, Fairly Legal, Royal Pains, In Plain Sight, and (of course) Psych.

    Syfy, for whatever reason, likes to take really good shows and completely ruin them (mostly by splitting the season and/or delaying the shows so you forget what they were about or when they’re on). About the only show they managed to not screw-up was Star Gate: SG-1 (of course, they didn’t acquire that one until it was well established).

    Old cartoons: Come on – you HAVE to list “Spiderman” in there.

    …or at least “Under Dog”. “Roger Ramjet”? “Atom Ant”?

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