Weekend Report

Even with the new puppies I was able to get a few hours of game time in and was able to get enough xp you take level 19. Finally! This Sorc life is dragging. The wife was able to tag along and cap 2 alts I think. So much xp after the 3rd TR… I want to share a story or two with you all about a ToD and a shroud.

Let start with the Tod. I worked really hard to be Tod flagged by level 18 even though that meant soloing a flagging quest or two. And making doing so most of my night in some cases. So lets just say I have been keeping my eyes open for that 25k a run raid… So a few of the times I have seen a Tod form, I have elected to remove myself from the running with out trying to join. Seems like I always catch the group looking for an experienced kiter or waiting for the last slot as the only caster roll. I don’t want to be that guy. It is not that I can’t handle my roles/jobs. But I have like 3 spells that are in the buff category. ResE, jump and Haste. And I don’t bother with extend any longer… And like I said I was TRing while most people were learning the raid, so now it feels actually getting to kite “requires” already have done it. But I will make a buddy lead some time and I will have a go making sure a back up is ready…

I jump in a hard ToD, lead by a guy I know and get along with well enough. A little talky but anyone that talks enough so I can’t watch Netflix while playing I would put in that pile. And I am asked to switch into reconstruct. Sure, I don’t need chain lighting wait no that is my bread and butter. Circle of Death? Nope that is so a must… All that is left is Disintegrate, but sure that can go… Are you sure scrolls alone can’t handle it? No. Okay I will switch.

Parts one and two are fairly smooth. I hold back damage in part one until told to go for it the the boss ports on top of me right away, get a few lucky crits for 3k bolts and a few dots running and all hate all the time.. So I get to move to the melee’s area so to keep the boss from hunting me down. Good times.

Skip to part 3. We are beating down Horoth and Sully drops. I follow the Wf tank over and spell scroll spell spell scroll. Even at top speed I am not keeping up with his damage. I call out for help as he is just taking a beating. And after a bit he gets stabilized.

But then the Horoth tank drops, think there was something about a stun. . Fopo becomes the tank but it was called out to late and he drops. We play whos the tank for a minute. But we get that under control, but by then the orthons are starting to build up. Thankfully Onecler was there to yell at every one and control got reestablished. And we won. But the chests had little worthy loot. It was some peoples 20/40s and they got their +4 tomes so good on them.

Real fast I had a normal shroud fail, mostly do to a lack of clear leadership. I think once someone else took clear leadership we could have salvaged it. But you know how people can get locked into their own ideals… So once I was the last man alive and found the groups will was gone I bugged out. Jumped into another run and completed with no problems. Pt 4 was a close one rounder, I think the dps of the other group was better. But if you can’t beat part 2??? I also think the healers where new and a kinda new and they didn’t quiet heal like people expect to heal and wasn’t told how to handle things right.

I really don’t have a closing thought,

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