Oh Java

Normal readers know that I am thinking of taking a bit of a Samius break here at Sorc. While I am not a fan of my sorc life. It and I are reaching a happy place. I got my evocation Dcs to the place where Harry seems to fail a large number of my lighting bolts. Upkeep dots, 2 bolts, chain lighting, bolt and the awaken weakness once or twice a round and that is about all I have time for before I can start my casting chain over again. And with 8 sp lighting bolts hitting at 1200+ with that double strike chance for another 1200+ possible I should take the last 2 levels at a slower pace and get another cleansing stone. Not to mention knock out some 20 completions on some other raids for tomes. I don’t think I will make it that long but I can try to relax, some.

But I need a project, and so I have been thinking about Java. He is my full on melee wiz/tank. And he does fine in normal/hard stuff, as long as I am not fighting someone that wants to “put me in my place.” Which happens a lot more then I want to admit.

But the thing is I don’t want to worry about someone fighting me for control. I miss the old intim some times. Hit the button and win..

But those days are gone, at least for now… So we adjust. And I need to go all out hate. I think I am super close to getting a gloves of the claw scroll. I already have a bracer scroll so if I were to get those items epiced up that would be a step in the right direction. But I need a build to take advantage of them….

I tend to like my builds to be more solo capable then not, but often solo builds don’t carry the same dps that a pure group play can.

So I am asking you all for help. I have been looking at a 12/7/1 clr/mnk/rog build. But I don’t think this will hold hate super well. I am also kicking around a pure 20 FvS. I think this might be my best bet for hate tanking and soloing. But I don’t know melee fvs that well, so if you do shoot me links or builds. You can use the comments, or email me at samius@ddococktailhour.com. Or if you have tweeks for the 12/7/1 build let me get those too.

One thought on “Oh Java

  1. Off the top of my head (so it may ba a bad build)- what about 12 clr/6 paladin last 2 levels – i don’t know – fighter, monk, rogue, more paladin or cleric

    6 paladin gives you divine rightousness (+100% hate would definitely help in keeping aggro), cha mod to saves and some healing amp if you go hunter of the dead (a net loss from 7 monk though), divine sacrifice, and a few smites

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