Sick day with the Abbot

Starting Sunday afternoon, I started to feel off. But I did my best to push that icky feeling aside and push on. Add in a pinched nerve in my back playing hell with my neck and triggering migraines. Lets just say i am under the weather and I haven’t slept well the last few days.

So Monday, up and moving, I am playing the “Am I well enough to go to work, game?” I hate it when others come to work ill. Makes everyone’s day shitty. And if it is something you can pass around… Lets say “stay home” is my policy. But I think I am well enough, if I get an OJ and a 5 hour energy boost and i go to work. But by lunch I am feeling much worse and decide to lay down over my break. No help, so I quick text message to my boss for a half sick day. And I am back in bed with the plan to die. I just feel like I am drifting off and bang! bang! boom! bang! boom! Boom! As my son, Remmie, tries to destroy the stair case on his way down stairs. After an hour of trying to drift off I am now wide awake. And now the mild nausea that has been floating around all day has stepped up its day. Must find a distraction!

Fumble through some CTH paper work and log on and see what is up. Thinking Tobril might be off, due to having the on call phone over last week/weekend, and a late night tweet complaining about fixing stuff in the early morning hours. I can make him entertain /carry me through some quests. But he is not on. 😦

But MissDivine is on and in an Abbot raid. Well I can use a few xps and whatnot. And if Miss is in then it is a good group. I get in. Get assigned spotter duty, cake walk. End up in ice, with Miss and someone else. Not trusting my new keyboard I let miss and the 3rd person handle the wands. Jump out and miss the platform and die. Well I am glad I explained the new keyboard thing before I died and didn’t take a wand! A few secs later an ice ball hit a dart and Miss is left swimming alone in ice to complete. So glad that someone was on the ball and DI-ed him… Smooth completion other then that. And lots of good loot drops including an unloved Purging the Pantheon that goes to the only person that wants it, me. Okay that is not 100% true. Purging the Pantheon is also exclusive, so I am the only one without one that wants it….

Give my thanks to the group. Take my favor reward. And go stand in the bar as I make a visit to the little gamers room. I return 5-10 mins later, and try to motivate to do something. After a few mins of using air dance to fly around the orchard for a while I hit the lfm panel hoping for something to catch my attention…

And there is another Abbot up. And Miss is also in that one. Sure why not. Get Java and jump in. Java is on Abbot number 17, time for number 18. Again I spot, and again I am in ice. Again it is me and 2 others. A 20 Clr that was assigned Ice and another guy, that is new to the raid. I say lets try it. The Clr and I take wands, I explain to the new guy to stand at the back of the ice island so not to get in the way wand users. And ask the Clr to do the front/back method to make sure we don’t get in each others way. And we are off.

Did I tell you, that I have never really done ice before? I have been on wand duty after someone has dropped a wand. And Tobril has explained how to do it so many times to others while I was in the group. Durning his post completion “classes.” I think I have been a spotter, stuck in ice jumping along with out wands once before. But I have never ‘really’ done ice before.

We were doing fine, we are 3 or 4 islands in to ice when our third didn’t move fast enough and took a swim. No big deal, he was tagging along anyway. The clr and I keep moving. We start to round the last corner, the end is in sight and splash. My clr partner was a hair to slow getting his new platform set up and we go swimming. Thankfully again he had a DI running so we completed but I was so close to completing my first ice as a wand welder. 😦

The rest of the raid completed as stood waiting for a rez. It was touch and go for a sec. Inferno was called but wands didn’t get handed off. There was some “Who has wands?” “Can I get a wand.” from the guy assigned wand duty, but he never got a wand….Thankfully, the Clr that lived was able to get an island made not wiping the party. And it was a smooth completion.

I run over click the shrine, and head to the chest. And Staff of the Petitioner was sitting in Java’s name. With out even thinking about it I snarfed it up before something horrible happened. So now Java’s next TR is a little more confuted, but I know he will have a worth wild blue bar so his torc/staff will not be a waste. Now if I can get a nice Litany by or in my 20th end reward list I will really have by build work cut out for me….

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