“I’m Board” She Says…

So this past weekend, I am soloing Samius trying to get to 18/ToD flagged. I finally do get to 18 btw, but that I a different story. And the wife informs me she is board.

She didn’t TR with me last run because she wanted to level one of her alts and at the same time do her own thing raid/loot wise. She has been trying for a royal guard mask now for a few weeks. She hates to buy something she can hut for, but come on. That mask is more rare then a Bloodstone.

Anyway she, informs me that she is board, and wants to do something else. And I offer her a spot in my group for xp/ToD flagging. I know she has 3 or 4 alts right near the cap that she has been talking about capping out.

But that offer fell flat. And we sat and watched Voyager on netflix for a show or two. Soon, that to brought the dreaded phrase “I’m board…”

Okay, quickly I through out getting Samius XP in a different way. Something like hard/elite shroud flagging or something. But she saw through my offer and counted with lowbes. New lowbes, even.

Sure, why not? I have been talking about leveling up a first lifer, I could use the moral boost of a fast leveling alt.

So I quickly rolled up a new character, a copy of my Stalwart song. Following the plan almost 100%. I took bastard sword and not thf. I will adjust the build to show the update.

I bought a keen bastard sword of righteousness for like 2k. Grabbed a cleaned mithral shield, a Invulnerability shard bummed a few plat from Tobril for 20 pots and a wand and I was ready.

I turned and she is sitting at her computer character creation screen. After some poking and prodding she rolls a version of the bowonk. So an hour or so of playing we are level 5. I have to say I like the way she is handling. Damage per swing is about 20-25 with criting into the 40s 50s. Not horrible, for a level 4 tanky build. But the main thing is she takes almost no damage. The top level 15% damage reduction from having the shield mastery feat and a heavy shield + Invulnerability = lots of 0s and a few 1s. I also found that human damage boost + fighter haste boost timers can overlap which = bad ass.

So I will use Stalwartsong, (I know super original name right?) as a pressure release valve. So if your on Sarlona, and don’t suck to bad, shoot me a message and we can see about setting up a channel for lowbe action…

Any way I will keep you posted.

3 thoughts on ““I’m Board” She Says…

  1. I think you mean “bored”, unless she’s a plank of wood. Which is possible, and I would not judge. Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

    • When she is in that state of mind a plank of wood is more fun.

      Damn you spell check, and my magical power to not be able to spell. 😦

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