Win? Win?

So last week some time I was running through the market place and happened to have the general tab up. And a post went up in the trade channel, price check on a Pale Lavender Ioun Stone. I looked at it real fast and made sure it was a newer one that could be unlocked. And it was.

I along with a few others replied with it was fairly rare and would bring a good price. I also sent along a tell that I would be willing to buy said item off him if he wanted. And added him to my friends list with a quick note.

Being on Samius was a bit of a boon, as he is a fan of Ddo Cocktail hour and we shared a few tells about the show. And there was an offer of a gift, but I declined that and told him that I would check in on him later to see if he sold it and if not try to work out a deal.

Well last night I saw him log on and I wasn’t in the middle of something so I sent him a tell inquiring if he still had the Ioun Stone and if he might be thinking of parting with it if he did.

After a bit of talking. And me raising my offer and him trying to lower it. We settled on a full set of +2 tomes. He wanted a +2 str tome, okay. So I talked him into talking the full set. I offered Green steel blanks, larges, plat, and whatnot. But he claims to be a super casual player. I saw him log on each night once I added him to my list, so I don’t think he will be Mr. Casual for long. πŸ™‚

After we swapped, he asked why the stone was so valuable. Some guy bombarded him with tells that first day through a long quest. I explained that there is a level 20 quest that unlocks it to be a permanent spell absorption item with a low level. So for me it will be a handy TRing tool. And he replied with: It is a good thing I let it go then. After 6 months of playing this was his highest level character, a level 12 bard. And he has yet to see a +2 tome, let alone a full set.

So I am calling it a win win.


3 thoughts on “Win? Win?

  1. Nice. Always good to have both parties go away happy. Good for you for “making” him take the full set and not just settle for the one +2 tome. Not sure just how many would have done that. I’d like to think that I would have.

    …assuming I ever *see* something even close to a full set of +2 tomes…

  2. Awesome πŸ™‚ gratz on the ion stone im still looking for one of those buggers determined stubbornly to find my own lol. And double gratz for the casual guy who got a tome haul πŸ™‚ it was definitely a win win situation.

  3. I pulled an Pale Lavender Ioun recently… Still haven’t upgraded it yet. I’ll get to it eventually. I work slow XD

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