Meet Qwynn!

She is why there wasn’t an update yesterday. This little lady is my new snuggle buddy. As soon as she learns were to make tinkle, that is.

Boom! Behold her cuteness.


Qwynn, is a Chihuahua/Miniature Schnauzer mutt. Don’t ask me why but I have always loved the mutts. My wife said I “like them fugly”. But hey she is not fugly at all.

But hey this is my blog, it wouldn’t be a real post with out me telling you a long drawn out story.

A little more then a year ago, wow while writing I realize it has been more like 2 – 2.5 years now… I had to put my dog of many years down, Mama Dog. She was one of the best. A pug mutt, with a snaggle tooth and that brown/gold hair that pugs can have.

We rescued her from the pound, when she was 6-7 (according to the pound’s adoption sheet aka page of lies). And we had her for 10+ years. She had been sick for a while, 7 or 8 months. Then took a sudden turn for the better. But it didn’t last. After a few months of hardly moving. She started to loose control of her bodily functions. When both ends are flowing at the same time, and you can’t tell when cleaning it up what end what puddle is from, it is time to go to sleep.

A few months ago, I started to think that I was ready for a new dog and took a few surveys to help me get a feel for the right bred for me. Before I just saw a dog and thought it was good enough, but this time I wanted a better match. Min Pin scored the highest, with Greyhound, and Chihuahua in the top 5.

So a few weeks ago on our way back from a weekend trip the family stopped by a pet store in Witcha. Petland if you want to know. I think they are great, by the way!

So we go in and look around, I wanted to take a look at some Min Pins, but they didn’t have any. 😦

But we did play with 5-6 puppies. I really liked one, but his bred was supper high maintenance. I’m talking daily baths, applying sunscreen before spending any time out side, and watching his body temp and dressing him accordantly. Aka, why to much work for me. But I loved the way his hairless skin was baby soft…. That and the No wang rule and I had to pass.

The wife and I also kicked around the idea of a dachshund. Not as highly rated on my surveys as some of the other bred of dogs but not on the “NO” list. But Petland didn’t have any of them either. But they took down the list of breeds I was interested in called me when they had some thing in I might like and sent me picture messages to help decide if the drive an hour one way to look at a puppies was worth it….

Wednesday, such a call happed and their were two adorable dachshunds available. And they are super cute, worth the drive. Thursday afternoon jump in the car and start driving, just before McPherson the wifes driving is starting to make me car sick, and she offers hitting the smaller breeder in town here, just in case.

Any thing to stop the nausea building. We stop and look around. And there is Qwynn. I dig her right a way. But we look at some other dogs too. There are 3 dachshunds also. Two black girls and a Dapper Dan boy.

We also look at a boxer, a pug, a pug mix and a few others. But that light color remembered me of Mama Dog as as soon as said something about her anything that reminded the family of her was out of the running. So I sat in a very uncomfortable chair for 30 mins as the wife tried to talk me in to a Yorke puppies. But as I was holding Qwynn on my shoulder she knew she had lost.

But not to be trifled with she lifted the no wang rule and said it was okay to get the Dapper Dan dachshund.

Qwynn, was my dog by now however, and she new it. And somehow talked me into getting them both. So I have Qwynn and a as of yet unnamed male dachshund.

So there you go, the story of Qwynn. I am sure there will be more pictures and stories in the weeks to come.

I will see about getting you a DnD related post later today.

5 thoughts on “Meet Qwynn!

  1. If your dog does something that *really* annoys you: That’s the chihuahua portion of their parentage.
    It’s true! My wife and I have owned Min Pins for the last 15 years. While my mother in law owns chihuahua’s exclusively. And every time I meet someone who owns a mixed breed Min Pin/Chihuahua they invaribly complain about a trait that only chihuahua’s possess. (Crazy barking noises, Inabilty to understand the words “Shut” and “Up”, etc.)

  2. I have had a Chihuahua for years now and never had any problems with her.

    Maybe I am just lucky. But Small Dog syndrome is so not a problem in my household.

  3. Well i want her to tinkle out side, or on the podie paper if it is late. Not in bed or some place on the floor….

    Have to train them right!

    You sick o! 🙂

  4. Thats a cute doggy =] I personally prefer big breed dogs though. Like Rotweilers and Pitbulls. Only small dogs I REALLY like are Bulldogs.
    Anyways, I hope you enjoy your new doggy friend!

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