Transformers 3

So about at 1:25pm the wife and I were talking about going to lunch. But going to see the new Transformer movie and picking up some food after. Looking up play times on the cell phone the next showing is at 1:30. Okay time to fly. 🙂

When I review a movie use a few proofs to tell if a movie is good.

First the Wife Test: This is basically if the wife likes the movie or not. If she can sit still and watch a movie with out complaining that she is cold, hungry, how long is this movie or something. She sat and watched the movie. So win.

The Kid Test: this test is a lot like the wife test but harder. Remmie is 11 watches lots of TV, loves video games and it is super easy to tell when he is boarded. So for an action movie to hold his attention the whole time is a small wonder. Again win.

Then I have a few questions that I ask myself.

Do I want to see the movie again on the big screen?
Will I buy it on DVD/Blue Ray right away?
Did I feel the plot was slow, or made un-logical leaps in the plot?
How sexy was the movie? Will it hold up?
Was I surprised?

So where would I put this movie? Go watch it. It is a really ideal summer movie. Looked great, and the story was good.

There are some adjustments made when Rosie Huntington-Whitele replaced Megan Fox in the story. And it was a hard shift. But some times actors are just dumb and get fired or quit or what ever and the story has to change to make the story work.

Look at when Don Cheadle replaced Terrence Howard in IM2 vs IM. I never liked Howard as Rhodes, not that Cheadle is all that much better. After watching Ateam I want Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson to be Rhodes from now on. And please God let there be a War machine movie and let Quinton be the man!

I do think that the story would have been better if Sam was solo in the movie. I think trying to give us a new person to “care about” in the third movie was wrong. But you know I didn’t miss Megan at all.

I will be buying this movie as soon as it comes out on disk. And if I have a friend that wants to go see it I don’t have any problem going to watch it with them again. So that is fairly high in my personal rating.

Alright Roll Out!

2 thoughts on “Transformers 3

  1. Thanks for this review I was wondering if I was going to bother with the movie. I didnt mind one though as an old school Autobots fan my ideal Transformers movie would have done without the teenagers and hormones and psuedo sex that hollywood throws in. But all in all the movies have not been that bad. But can I ask ya am I wrong to say im getting leary of seeing all my childhood cartoons turned to live action features? It doesnt excite me much specially with the yogi bear/marmaduke flops. Now we have the smurfs and if they do a Gummi Bears one I will kill lol.

  2. I’m still trying to figure out why Chipmunks 2. And why Yogi Bear. But mostly why Chipmunks 2.

    I’m entirely looking forward to Voltron & Thundercats, if done WELL (ie, Michael Bay isn’t even on the same continent when they’re made). A Gummi Bears movie would make me scream, ’cause I know they’d turn it into a cartoony-CGI crapfest made for 5 year-olds.

    Lemme know when Silverhawks: The Movie gets greenlit, though. I’ll be first in line for those tickets!

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