It was a Long Weekend.

There was so much going on in the last few days, I am worn out. Let see, work is getting a major overhaul. Our AS400 is taking a huge leap in its programing. I spent the weekend on 24hour call, not a huge deal but it as been a long time since I have been on call like that… I have the healthy fear that the As400 could spawn into Skynet at any moment. I have a personal theory that Skynet develops from 2 or 3 As400s growing angry that their offerings of kittens and babies have stopped and take steps to regain power. Hence, the human/cyborg war… Trust me, As400s are like minor gods. Their temples need looted and their followers converted before they strike at us….

What else?? Oh I am another year older. Thanks to everyone that sent well wishes. It was a good day. Of course the Independence Day holiday was on Sunday. And it was the first year in a log time that we could fire off fireworks in the city limits. Sounds like police calls were down and I am not seeing any fires, so maybe they wont ban them again… Any way we were allowed to fire off our fireworks on the 3rd or the 4th so I got to legally have fireworks for my big day. 😉

Tobril was also in down to celebrate so we had a nice steak lunch and got in a little ddo time, and fired off roman candles as if we were firing off some magic wands. Good times.

I was able to get in a few hours of game time in by getting up early on the 4th and finally was able to get to level 17.

In the week or so it took me to level from 16 to 17, I ended up solo flagging for Abbot again. I will say some of the boss fights were a lot easier as the sorc… But most of them were a lot harder. You don’t want to know how long it took me to kill the beholder. I will say there was lots of swim swim jump up Wall of Fire and swim swim…. But got them all ran. No items of note however… Did an Abbot with Tobril and I have two notes. One, goggles is way easier when everyone is in the same room. And two grats to Tobril for getting his Litany, the next one is mine. ;).

Finished Shroud flagging this weekend also and finally got to run one late last night. Two chains but the run was fairly fast, one round part 4. I was totally out Sp just before the end. I think I got the final shot thanks to max/emp magic missiles from the wiz past life feat… But it was cool seeing doublestrike lighting bolt hitting for 1200+ twice, along with ticks from the two Dots and all the other numbers ticking off for big damage.

I am looking forward to hitting the raids just hard enough to get the xp out of them and hopeful a piece of loot or two i have had my eye on for a life or three…

The fam and I hit the third Transformers movie in time for the lunch matinee. And I will do a little movie review for my next post.

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