My.DDo? Or is It?

So I have been doing the my.ddo thing since March 16th. Five-ish posts a week M-F, looking at the post counter that is 77 published posts.

So why can’t I see all of my posts unless I go to my dashboard and look at my posts? When I look at my Archives I can only see the last half of the month. So if I want to read say woody-the-bowonk I have to know the link or dig through as the admin. What good is that if say you, one of my 5s of readers wanted to go back and read some older content?

Now I can understand problems getting in game information out of game servers and in to my.ddo. After all that is pulling information out of one database and sticking it in to a Mysql data base (wordpress uses mysql)…. Wait no, that shouldn’t be all that hard either, but I am going to give it to them any way.

But loosing my already public blog posts? That is just shitty queries or a bad loop to out put the results. Lets get this fixed, hmmm okay?

You know on third thought where is the “older post” link on the UI now? I can scroll to the end of the jurnal right now that is the 17th of June (can the same bug be causing the whole problem??) shouldn’t their be a older posts that let you see at least the start of the currnent month? Or the next 12ish posts? There is a problem here….

While someone is working on my.ddo smarts lets make some minor UI changes.

Add some minor theme options? Even the main forums gives us a few themes to choose from, why can’t we have a few options on my.ddo? Or edit our own.

Also the lotteries UI. I know someone has done a little work as they put in some logic to only show the last X or in the last X months or something as to not have a few hundred winners on the list and they sorted the list putting the newest on the top. Good job, btw. Have a cookie.

But why do I still only have an add all button, to mass sign up for a lottery? Why do we not have a by server option per type of lottery?

Look at a set of lotteries I entered just recently, Heart of Wood, hair die, pass to some quest chain, etc….

And I ended up entering them all on all servers. I have a lot of characters. So I diluted the lottery a lot, because I don’t want to click a million times. But if I could go down the line and say click “All Sarlona” for the wood and the hair die I would have done just that.

I am sure I will have a few more suggestions late but it is time for lunch.

6 thoughts on “My.DDo? Or is It?

  1. Looking at your page, I see archives up above. Clicking that gives you links to the months. Do you not see the same thing?

  2. As I have mentioned in blogs past ( and ) WORDPRESS SUCKS!!!!

    To be fair, Blogger has gone through some “recent” changes which has made it less than idea too (in fact, there are actually *some*things that WordPress does better than Blogger…now).

    But for now (at least), all your readers have to do is go to the archives, pick the month, go to the last blog entry, click it, then keep clicking the “previous post” link at the bottom, until they find the one they’re looking for. That’s not really that much to go through, is it?

  3. On your dashboard, under Settings, click “Reading” and then change the number in the “Blog pages show at most” box to something high enough to include all your posts for a month. I found that by accident. 😀

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