My Week in Ddo

You might have noticed that my last few posts have all come today and there was not a lot of Ddo talk in them. Some of you know I took a little mini vacation, with the family. Couple that with a major overhaul at work. And my sudden wonderment about solar flares and 2012 and I find myself a little light on Ddo time over the last week or so…

But I have been playing, but for 1-3 hour mins a night vs my 3+ hours a night that is my norm.

The wife, who has been banking mad xp so she can keep playing with me, has rolled up a baby sorc to have something else to do while I am grinding some of the same things over and over.

I am running lots of Inferno of the Damned and Temple of Vol. Both quests are fairly simple for a solo caster. Flesh Maker a quest I normally run a lot I have not done nearly as much. I think because I need another person to help with the runes at the end, or a hireling that I can count on….But I did run it once last night.

I also tried Ghosts last night, was doing really well thought I would complete in fair amount of time. I was at the last level and almost done, but my hireling died. And not having someone to split the agro with made things super hard for my sorc to blast everything and heal/rez with the beholder looking right at me and I fell to neg levels after my beholder necklaces ran out…. But I pulled my silver flame trinkets out of the bank along with my phase hammer and I hope to hammer through next time… 🙂 Ghosts is really good xp per min with a second person, as long as you don’t bother with the extra chest.

Tuesday or so I asked the wife to help me out and we two maned Tor with Dragons for flagging. Have I said the new lvl 5 Dots are really good? But awaken elemental weakness is the big winner, well at least against the white and black dragon anyway.. in the blue room having that 40 resistance let Ice storm and a few ray spells shine through…

After blooding I tried to solo the Reaver. But the Air Eleies are killers now and at this level I am slow to kill them alone. I miss blade barrier. I remember having a decision/fight/argument with Jerry/Cordoven about what is better BB or WoF. He thought I was nuts thinking BB was better. Wonder how that conversation would play out today????

So a last night, there were a few groups that started out at level. But sooner or later turn in to loot runs by allowing 20s in and I would drop. I want that xp….

Thankfully there was one group that also wanted xp. At 11 people and 10 mins since any new takers we decide to go the 11 of us. We step in and get a 12th, a Reaver virgin and clr to boot.

Instructions were given out. Very smooth run, no deaths, 13 mins. I ended up pulling the lever but didn’t have to solve. I will take it.

Much loot dropped. I pulled a Head, it went up for roll high d42. A napkin dropped, also put up for roll. The necklace (trinket?) the 30 elc/chain lighting clickie I think it was also given up for roll. And a +3 dex tome. Yep a +3 dex tome. Did I say we ran normal as the highest was 16? Very nice run. Oh and no I don’t think the tome was given up for roll 🙂

You know what I also pulled 2 simi hard to get sheild pieces last night also, over all it was a good night.


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