Javabot 3.0

I have had a growing feeling of discontent with leveling up Samius and I am ready for change. So I think after I finish getting Samius capped. I will be looking at what to do with Java. As well as probably leveling/messing around with leveling up some new alts/ older alts that have falling out of favor. But this post is about what to do with Java.

For any of you that don’t know, Javabot is my version of a “tank.” He started out as a paladin/ wiz/monk and then Tred in to his current 11/6/3 wiz/fig/monk and before the intim changes he did his job really well. But now I feel that his dps is not where I want him to be for my idea of a “tank.”

So time to start brain storming ideas. If I were to TR today he would have the pally and wiz past life free feats. But if I wait a little I can use a +3 lesser and swap out some wiz levels for fgr levels and get the fgr past live feats. I also have a few pieces of gear I want to use. A few solid named docents, including DoD and and unlocked Quor, I also have unlocked a pair of the Titan’s Grip a long with one or two other pieces of gear setting the race as Warforged.

Add in a torc/ CorOp and a blue bar is almost required. I finally got my second Enduring Conviction so I have my pair for dual wielding them. 🙂 I also have my Circle of Hatred if I want to keep up the good intim. But it is a so so option. Oh and I have everything I need to epic a Jidz. But I don’t need to build with that in mind.

Build Requirements:
Great survivability, ie Selfhealing/DR/AC??
Solid DPS
Cool tricks/fun to play

So what am I thinking? Some kinda of battle divine. Not that I wont take other suggestions under advisement but these are my current front runners.

13/4/3 clr/fgr/mnk light monk/healing aura, all tweaked out for dual welding those E. Convictions With big Stunning Fists and Blows. It looks good on paper but I am less sure how it would playout.

12/7/1 clr/mnk/rog Dark monk/healing aura, shadow fade, move to shortswords (lighting strike + Epic Cutthroat’s Smallblade for double strike…)

13/7 FvS/monk trade the aura for a shoulder cannon, lose some sneak attack and skills for Hp (a large amount) and and Sp

Not going to lie, I like the 12/7/1 at least in the abstract. But if I was going drow the 13/7 shortsword should rock….


2 thoughts on “Javabot 3.0

    • If i do try the drow fvs/monk build it would be on some other 20 i have sitting around not doing any thing for the extra build points.

      Java has a few requirements and i am not 100% that going fvs would be in his best interests.

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