Sweet lvl 11

Level 11 is one of those sweet spots for many Trs. Okay I am mostly talking about me here. But I know at least a double fist full of people that also think of 11 as groovy. Its not lvl 12, but 11 is real good.


Well gear, 11 isn’t a feat or a pre-tear or anything like that as far as I know. So it must be gear…. Lets hit the high notes for me.

Lion Headed belt buckle: Str, Con, fear immunity, important for desert quests, and for me normally frees up a ring slot.

Torc, CordOp..Sp regen… I miss you guys, I will rarely take you off again until I TR again….

Min2 helm, 3x water booties, after sp regen these are my 2 favorite items. Hp and guards. Oh and ring of earth here… For stone skin cliklies. I am that arcane caster that wont take stone skin because 5 clikies and the stone skin guard trinket should be good enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I lov level 12 too, Green Blades, and Shroud weapons. I will carry my maul this life but will almost never use it as I am trying to stay as caster based as possible….

I am still way lighting based, Lighting Blot has been super good. I can hardly explain how good. But I just got Ball lighting, and Bolt is still way better. I am hopeing at 12 and the next level of the pre I will see a noticeable damage increase in fire spells. If not I think I will milk Shadow crypt with Wall of Fire then switch to Ice for the other 5th level Dot spell. But I have to do the trial and error thing as this is about 7 levels more then I have ever managed to get a sorc to before….

Okay have a good day and see you in game.

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