Never make Character Decisions While Sleepy

Last night I gathered xp for level 12. Ran over to the trainer and leveled up, got the 3rd dragon mark for the call lighting.

Started taking enchantments and noticed that I had made an error and I didn’t have the right feat for the prerequisites. So I bum a dragon shard so I don’t have to switch around characters. And talk to Fred and swap to Spell focus: Evoc and run to the trainer again and fail????

Spell focus: Ench is not Spell focus: Evoc, Doh!

Okay fine then I wont take my second tear of the savant line. I will just focus on trying out my lightning feats. Lets max out the enchantments. And all done. Run out to an explorer to test them out and it is rocken. The lowest damage I have seen in my limited testing is 119 and the max is 503. Normal numbers in the 220 point range. But I didn’t take any extra uses so right now it is a really good min of damage.

Boy I kinda wished I had just logged off last night and saved leveling for today now… Well I do what I can with what I what I have for the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Never make Character Decisions While Sleepy

  1. I remember the time I TRed my completionist to my ranger life with 12 dex to start… so I actually had to spend level-up-ability-points on Dex to get Mobility/Spring Attack and couldn’t get my prestiges until level 9.

    Of course, that time I was both sleepy and mildly inebriated.

  2. About the only safe thing to do when sleepy is, well, sleeping.

    …unless, of course, you’re driving or operating (heavy) machinery at the time.

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