98 of 127

So last night after taping Ddo Cocktail Hour I log on thinking okay I will just get a little xp and log off simi early. I have been so tired lately. I thought a few extra hours of sleep might do me some good. So anyway I get logged in and Stiner shoots me a tell, “Debera part4 – elite- window farm?“

So I say sure, get the invite, and it is me, Stiner(wiz/rog), another sorc, and a fighter. I get to the graveyard and I see that people are in, step in and everyone is standing around. So before I zerg off, I asked if we are zerging, max xps, other? And get told max xp but lets not take all day. Done and Done. I am down the hall pulling levers zerging along cleaning house with the group behind me doing their best to keep up.

I ending up doing some wand healing to keep party members alive. I keep my cure wand in my hand but it doesn’t feel too bad. Ending up with all bonuses and no deaths or problems. I look at the xp chart to check out the totals. And I noticed I have 80+ of the kills. The next closest is Stiner, in the 20s I think.

So I D Door and catch the window. Everyone leaves and get back in. Stiner has to sell, but everyone else gets in and we go. Bang, Bang, Zoom, ZAP.

Keeping an eye on the bonuses again, I can’t help but notice that I am not only leading the kills but dominating. Stiner gets in and he starts cleaning up the traps and then the shrine side. I end up rezing our party leader the other sorc. Good thing I have a 75% chance for a rez atm..We finish up the quest and our fighter picks up the leaders stone and runs him to the shrine. This time he got hit with the Touch of Idiocy and stopped moving to try to figurer out why he can’t cast and got nailed. So totally understand able. And I shoot him some info for fixing that up. But still 2 deaths in Debera’s 4?

I check out the old kill list again and see that I have 98 kills, Stiner (coming in late and then doing the traps) is in the 20s again. The other guys are in the single digits. WTF?

While the group is fun, and the people are funny as hell on mic I don’t need to carry a group that much. So I thank them and take off, I notice that I have one cure wand left…. I emptied a whole wand and change into that group…. I entered with 3 cure critical wands(one only had 10 charges other ones full) and left with one wand with 40ish charges…. Thought I was playing my sorc life, must have been dreaming as I was clearly a clr in there….

Stiner and I headed into an elite pit run. 42 mins and a few hireling deaths and 2 stiner deaths later, we completed for 21k.

Right around 40k in 90 mins, lots of laughs and was able to catch up with one of my busier (in real life) friends and guildies. Couldn’t have been a much better night if I had planed it.

Well I could have gotten that 20 DQ done for Samiusbot…. And you know other things… like a good night sleep would have been amazing

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