Yeah, I am Fire Savant. Don’t make me Lighting Bolt you!

What the Frack? Yep we have a rare double post. So there must be something I really want to talk about. Last night I stayed up late to level Samius to 7. Then I spent another 30-40 mins getting all dressed up.

A new outfit. Life shield of invulnerability with a med guild slot. Aka +15 hps. Then I hit the AH to look for rings with a med guild slot. 70K later boom. Wizardry 3 and sloted with a med power cystal, +60 sp. Using the ring lets me replace my med guild FF booties with the Boots of Corrosion, allowing me to go boots, bracers, cloak for the Might of the Abishai set. My Mummified Bat will take over FF duty when needed.

Might of the Abishai set: 3 Item Set Bonus: Profane Natural Armor Bonus +1, Profane Strength +1, Evocation Caster Level Bonus +1. The Str and Evocation bonus is handy.

I put on the Raven’s set mostly because the shock gloves wont do me any good. But pluses to wisdom (for will saves), dex and a straight up bonus to reflex saves. Very handy.

I put on the Siren’s Charm mostly for con, but the sonic resistance is also very handy. The matching belt mostly do to completing the set for some extra AC, the belt alone is a big help from no ac. And I have been starting to get the occasional disease from undead and trogs and what not….

The main gear swap no one really gets to see is my hat. I was able to graft a GFL +10 concentration hat during the cove event and from level 7 to level 13 it is the best helm I could have. Total live saver.

So what does that leave me with? 131 hp and 935 sp. I am starting to get the hang of how this life will play. Move, target, spell, spell, spell kill everything. Most of my spells fall into 3 camps, buffs. Jump, run faster, night sheild…Normal shield might be better for ac, but I am using a shield just not for ac…

Then I have fire spells, scorch and fire ball, burning hands if you count the clickly…

Then Lighting spells. Shocking Grasp, Electric Loop, Lightning Bolt. I am getting tons of mileage out of these spells. Mostly do to I have clicklies of spark made for level 3 and lower. Not so for inferno, yet. 🙂

Right now it feels very click, click, clicky. I miss being about to do a few other things. And I really do feel like everything is based on how big my blue bar is….

One thought on “Yeah, I am Fire Savant. Don’t make me Lighting Bolt you!

  1. It’s not the size of your blue bar. It’s how you use it!

    So, decided whether you’re going to switch to earth, air, or water come end-game (you know, when everything’s immune to fire)? Or are you sticking with fire because you hate yourself?

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