The Best Arcane Spell/s, I Bet Your Not Using

So Sorc life Samius is level 10. As I said before I am doing fire savant with a even split fire and lighting. Okay maybe a bit more lighting even. But there are 2 spells that stand out, Lighting Bolt and Gust of Wind.

Okay first of all Gust of Wind is coming from my dragon mark. I would not use one of my so few spell slots on it as a sorc. There are quests I would swap into it as a wiz…

Any way if you want to read the description for here is a link to the ddowiki.

I have been doing von 3-4 a lot (solo) to power though levels 9 and 10. And believe it or not I have been finding myself in a place that I need to use GoW. Just tons of cloud spells, and bad guy AOEs. I have even used it to put out my own firewalls to stop healing Iron Golems.

GoW is a fine spell and probably way under used but the spell that has become my bread and butter right now is lighting bolt. First of all double strike. Wow. In pnp it would be like casting a forked spell. Hits them twice and deals double damage 50% of the time. In my case I am seeing 300+ points at level 10, counting the double strike fairly often. At this level that kills most bad men.

Also the range, it is naturally a long spell. And with the last update it is now doubley as long. For 12 sp it has become ranged death. At a max range a to get 2 shots on a beholder before it gets you in range of the anti magic zone or any of its other ray attacks, if it is charging you at a full float… Is that how a beholder runs? Any way zap zap dead beholder. Von3 has become a lot faster now that I can just stand way over there and kill them in 1 or 2 shots with out them being able to shoot back.

How to line up bolts to hit at least two guys at once. Hard target one guy that is not going to be moving. A caster or an archer is best. Any one in a long standing still pose will work. Then side step so there is a bad man not your target between you and your target. Bolt.

Then you have a moving target it is the same idea pick one that will be at the rear of your line when you cast, cover him with another guy and fire. Often I will target the guy closest to me and then run past him turn sight a 2nd or 3rd target and fire. There is a bit of timing involved but not too bad.

I say take the time to try out different spells then what is on your normal list once and awhile. Who knows when you will find another “permanent” addition to your list?

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