Half an hour in 3BC or 10 mins in the Harbor?

What do you think would be more xp, for a lvl 6 character? Ghost of a Chance, Legend of Two-Toed Tobias and Prove Your Worth or hard then Elite Walk the Butcher’s Path and Durk’s Got A Secret? If you said Butcher’s Path and Durk’s then you would be right.

What takes less time? Yep Butcher’s Path and Durk’s again. The Butcher’s Path on Elite took the longest at 4 mins. Durk’s on hard and elite we both in the 2 min range.

Why other then “mixing it up” would I bother to run any of the 3BC quests? The xp wasn’t good for the quest, let a lone xp per minute. The loot/ end rewards are/were junk.

So how to fix things? I think quests should be about 500-750 xp a minute if you know exactly how to complete them, and move a long as fast as possible. That would make most of those 3BC quests about 3-4k base vs their current 1.5k.

There loot tables could be adjusted… But I think some kinda of small collectible drop like the scarabs/ tapestries/shield pieces in the orchard would be really smooth. Maybe with some named boots or sashes (belts).

They wouldn’t have to be great, just solid for levels 5-7. Some were about the abashi set and the red fen sets. And have a sea goers/dock worker/fisher man feel.

Something like a guard + a Resistance. I don’t have a name… yet… but fire guard + 10 fire resistance would make a fair belt at level 5.

An item that gives +2 to hit, and weapon finesse would be different.

Or maybe do it like a cross between the scarabs and Chronoscope…. drop collectibles but get a a end rewards list to pick from and have a growing set bonus if you wear a few of the items. Maybe it grants Crushing wave guard when enough items are worn.


They quests are fun enough. And are okay on the whole difficulty thing. The puzzles are really good. But if the xp blows and there is no quality loot why bother?

This would be a great place if they wanted to add some way to add a hook point or two to a guild ship. Making it a drop that happens out here would really liven up 3BC…

3 thoughts on “Half an hour in 3BC or 10 mins in the Harbor?

  1. 3BC may be my least favorite pack, period. Nothing good in the way of loot and quests that really are not a lot of fun. I’m currently two boxing a mage and a rogue and have them to level 8, and I completely bypassed 3BC. Actually, I bypassed a lot of stuff. Both toons got their Voices at level 7, and once I hit 8 early yesterday I’ve been hanging out in one of my favorite places, the Sands of Menechtarun. Suicidal for two level 8’s you say? Tell that to my 25/25 explorers and those 9 dead rares(some more than once, Palumak and Thumok don’t like us) so far. Aside from the fact that the cash flow is much better, and the junk worth more, both toons already have Dusk Hearts…which they can’t use yet. 🙂 Play what you like, skip what you don’t. I’d rather do Butchers/Durks’s any day than 3BC.

  2. I enjoy most of the quests in 3BC – but then, I’m not in the game to maximize my XP/minute, I’m in to have fun. And I have fun in 3BC (Well… except when I go through the two fire caves quests on N/H/E in one go. That got old about halfway through H…) I should run my monk over there when I’m done running her through Depths… Yeah, the loot and XP could be better (I like your idea of a set from several end rewards) but I enjoy it. I mean, PIRATES! Whee, fun!

    Semi-random thought: I would totally buy a permanent “Open everything on elite” thingie as a premium player without even waiting for it to go on sale. I don’t care how many TP it cost, I’d buy it in a heartbeat. An “open everything on hard” one, I’d have to consider the cost… but Ii’d probably end up getting it.

  3. I am in total agreement Samius. It’s not that 3BC is bad. It’s that the cost/reward ratio is meh at best. Lets make em epic, add loot sets comparable to the Fens, and increase their xp by 20-50%. Then we will see more groups forming to run 3BC quests.

    I wonder why this pack has been so neglected for so long. Its been a stinker ever since it came out. Once people explored it, it dropped off the map completely.

    One thing I will say in its favor. I love the pirate music.

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