Wizard Ac

There is a post on the boards with a guy that wants to make an AC wizard. Mostly for style. Here is a link Got me thinking about AC again….

Cove items are crazy good for ac…

Epic Cavalry Plate 16 ac / 3 max dex /25% asf
Demonic Shield
DR 5/Chaotic
Resistance Save +5
Superior False Life
Empty Blue Augment Slot (remember blue slots can be come -15% Arcane Spell Failure chance or Greater Nimbleness)

Epic Duelist’s Leathers 8 ac / 12 max dex/ 10% asf
Feat: Mobility
Epic Nimbleness
Balance +15
Attack Bonus +2
+4 AC Dodge bonus
Empty Blue Augment Slot

If you can fill out a 12 dex (aka bonus*2+10 or 34 dex) then your looking at more AC then any other armor out there. Add in the dagger tooth belt if you have even more dex. Lets not forget the +4 dodge bonus.

Is there any reason a “Caster” can’t wear these armors? Not really. Although I would use the Cavalry Plate over the Leathers if I didn’t have evasion. The Plate lets us aim for a good ac with out gimping con and str. A low base dex can max its dex bonus with a tome and +6 item, if we are using the epic swashbuckler then we have a +2 exp dex bonus also.

So a possible Ac break down using the Epic Duelist’s Leathers slotted for 0 asf. 34 dex…

10 base
8 Duelist’s Leathers
12 dex +2 if dex is 38 and have daggertooth belt.
8 Epic Swashbuckler
2 Alchemical (shield and armor)
5 Deflection bonus
4 Heightened Awareness
1 Feat: Dodge
2 Dodge Chaosgarde Bracers/ Epic Cloak of Night
3 Chattering Ring
4 AC Dodge bonus from Duelist’s Leathers

3-5 Natural pots, ring of earth, ranger, hat lots of ways for a natural bonus
2 Recitation
1 haste

5 Combat Expertise
1 House D guild buff
1 House K guild buff
4 bard song
5 paladin aura


With 2 more points if you get a super high dex.. or go halfling for +1 more?

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