Everything Old is New Again….

Capped again on June 5th thanks to a few thousand xp from the Amrath slayers. Ending with the defeat of Centurion Armisos. And before much longer I was dead and gone and looking around Stormreach as a Sorc….

I know right, the most dreaded of classes. But if any one can get me through 20 levels of sorc it is Samius. And depending on how the run to cap is this might be the life to take a little break from the constant TRing and power leveling.

I enjoy leveling. There is a wonder feeling of momentum as long as leveling is simi fast paced. But once level 17 or so rolls around I tend to get a hair tired. Levels 18-20 just don’t move fast enough for me. When your looking at another millon xp at 5kish a pop it is easy to get a little disparaged. But you play for the big scores. And things work out.

Okay enough gloom. Lets look at the build. You can look at Samius by clicking the Samius link in the upper left.

Stats 14 8 14 11 13 18….Oh and Helf. Seems fairly Straight forward. Going for a pure blasty blasty life, that was Tobril’s idea. He remembered me making a comment about being tired of the constant melee and suggested I give myself a break from all the melee and run up a pure sorc.

I always want good self healing, hence Helf, as I am soloing up this life. The guild is finishing up their Trs. Most are finishing up their last few ranks. I would have waited for them but they didn’t want to TR again right away. 13 points in Wisdom lets me do the Clr: Dilettante feat which will give lots of healing via wands and scrolls. Once my Umd is up there I can swap it out for monk (healing amp /AC?) or Pally (saves).

Another perk or going Helf for this life is I will be able to play with the Dragonmarks of Storm. I use the Stormreaver Gingerbread Cookie, for the Call Lighting Storm, a lot when leveling. I see 40-50+ points of damage fairly often. I can only guess what adding in the enchantments/feats and items and going lighting savant will do for its damage…

Something else that is kinda cool. With the guild/channel’s help I have gathered a few different items with med and small guild slots. Crafted wizardly 1 on a ring and slap on a med power slot and your looking at 60+25+sorc bonus and you have lots of extra mana. Right now I am sitting at around 400+, once I can I will clear that ring and level it to wiz 2 then 3. Same deal for Hp a med slot is about 20 hp. Add in the level 1 outfit of Invulnerability made with the Cannith crafting I wore most of my bard life. Well from when the Cannith crafting came out until level 16 any way.

Right now Shocking grasp is doing about 10 points 29 with a spark pot running. So I can grasp and wand thru almost any thing at this level.

3 thoughts on “Everything Old is New Again….

  1. Good luck! I’ve read player reports that the dragonmark may not be working right with air savant, just fyi.

  2. Well did a little looking around the forums. I might go water with a minor in lighting and still play with the marks…. IDK yet.

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