Bumpy Ride on the Fail Train

Not sure how to start. But here we go. My name is Samius and some times I ride the fail train. /cry

Yeah, I don’t know how or when but what started out as a great night turned very quickly into a fail train ride.

I jumped on yesterday and caught a ToD. No problems. Very smoth. Even got to bless the chests. No rings at all however. Guess that has to happen some times???

Just as ToD wraps. Tobril logs on and I get him to start a hard Shroud. Also very smooth. Lots of laughs. I was very pleased. Again they let me try to boosts chests. Again very nice.

Then we went VoD, hard. Fail? Okay so the guy who said he could tank couldn’t. And we didn’t have a good backup plan. By the way, if you tell me your able to hold agro. You had better be able to do so.

So we moved on to a shroud. Were we did complete. Important to note, we joined an group. Not started our own. The wife tanked the Reaver on her 16/3 clonk and flew up to pull the lever. And I was put on puzzle duty. So when Fopo on his TR wiz, that he has been leveling with us, pulled madstone boots and asked channel if any one wanted I felt okay saying sure. I don’t have a pair. And he passed to me with no problem. I even offered to trade him my Head of Good Fortune. Before asking channel if anyone needed. When they didn’t I put it up for roll and moved on.

Thought that vod was a bump in the road. We moved on the abbot. At least once roids failed after the voice lag helped me kill Tobril. Restart. Another time I had goggles (#2) but I was waiting to get the sides worked out so I would be on the right side as to just run over. And got killed by trash. I had just failed a Disintegrate, and got a little rez. Working on scrolling myself some HP. Just rolled a lot of 1s I guess.

So 2 or 3 tries disparaged some of us moved on to knocking out some quests for xp and went to bed felling unsatisfied. Like most women after sex. Okay a little grown up humor for you there. 🙂

One thought on “Bumpy Ride on the Fail Train

  1. Hehe I wonder if Tobril will be upset that the part where he dies due to lag made me giggle some? Sorry about ya luck with that and hopefully your next attempts will be better. I dont have many won abbots under my belt still I find the raid just frustrating so I tend to shy away when Krieg and them want to do it lol.

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