Airship Lag

So I failed/wiped an Abbot raid over the weekend, but it was totally NOT MY FAULT. I blame a new kind of lag I have never seen before, Airship lag. I have ended up on a not real not my boat before. But nothing like this…..You know, let me start at the start and not me crying.

Squiggly line, Squiggly line.

Rocking xp for samius last weekend, and I hit the LFM panel. Mostly for the raids that I can’t easily get the wife to do. Mostly so I don’t get yelled at for doing raid X with out her. And I see an Abbot and a shroud. Now she loves to shroud but hates the Abbot.

So I examine the LFM, don’t see anyone I know and they are looking for 2 gogglers. So I risk the wife’s wrath and join the shroud. A fairly quick run later I am selling and my TR channel gets a message from Tobril. Can anyone join this Abbot and do goggles with me? Turns out that he logged on and jumped into said abbot right as part 1 was wrapping up. And as been waiting until I finished up to ask the channel. Aka me, as he knew damn well I was the only one in channel that can do goggles. That wanker.

So I say sure and join. There was much rejoicing. I make a made dash to the airship tower in the twelve. And click the door informing my ship captain that I need a ride. Nothing, try again, nothing. A third try leaves me in the twelve so Frack it! I take off towards the market place tower. Maybe it will work???

I jump over the entrance to the sub running through the market and POP, load screen. And I am on the ship. Okay??

Buff and head to the orchard.

Get in side, buff beat down the abbot. Get in goggles. Start leading Tobril across. And POP load screen. Back to the boat….

Tobril falls to death, as I left him with out a guide. Then roids wipes. I think mostly do to people wanting to know “WTF?” and they catch a roid in the back of their heads. So we reform and try again.

Some time that day we defeat the Abbot and I pull my gloves of POWER DRAIN. So now I can yell over mic POWER DRAIN 100 times a quest like Tobril did the first few months after he pulled his first, second and third pair of gloves……. What a wanker.

Anyway I am waiting for that third click to take me to the ship any time now. Like as I open the shroud chest and everyone passes me their larges or as I am clicking on a fresh suit of marith chain. Good times…

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