Hit Points, Ac or Dr

*edit* here is an old post I wrote a few months back that didn’t get published. Enjoy

Hit Points, Ac or Dr

Guys pick one and major in it.

I am not saying it has to be your main focus but if you can have a half way useful amount of one of the three and a so so amount of the others I wouldn’t worry so much.

Please let me explain, I just ran an epic Bargain of Blood as a healer. And the group ran me out of SP at the shrine. Okay no big. I am a bit rusty. And I know I was over healing trying not to lose anyone else after I lost one of the 3 monks. But you know I decided to stop fighting and just watch player and health bars and I saw many times people would take one hit and be well below half hit points.



I don’t understand, 18/2 Samius could take a few hits before having to stop and heal. So please get some hitpoints. 350 – 450 is a good starting range. You can go higher. More is good, but please start in the 350 range.

If you want to get some AC or some DR. Even 5 points of DR is simi easy to come by, Bloodrage symbiont and Kaelth’s Touch are handy trinkets for DR. Sure AC for epics is not real easy but maybe if you try to dance in combat you can avoid some damage as well.

Oh, yes we won. No seals. But I got Scroll of the Jidz so I can’t complain to much. Well other then drinking that pot that is.

2 thoughts on “Hit Points, Ac or Dr

  1. I know your talking about epics here, but I think that is solid advice all around.

    Even at low levels, it used to be a failed save on a hold person in waterworks and you were toast. Now, not so much because no auto-crit.

    At 9+, heavy fort is so important, there is almost no excuse. You can have AC through the roof, but if 5% of the time your at death’s door, then it doesn’t matter.

    But also backup those HPs…wands, pots, hirelings, SP, whatever to get you back in the fight. BYOH might not be popular but if your not begging for heals that helps everyone out.

  2. BYOH?

    Whatever…everyone know a quest requires the following:

    4 clerics
    1 wizard
    1 BARBARIAN to solo the quest

    Anything else is madness.

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