A Pug Surprise

I was going to talk about some fun times lag that caused me to fail/wipe an Abbot raid. But after last night I want to share a puging story.

Shroud is one of the best places to earn xp once your in the 17+ range. I know we used to shroud at 12-13 but not any more….. Anyway, I was keeping my eye out for a few raids. I have taken to not being the guy with the star. I normally end up being someone that coordinates anyway I don’t want the added blame when a pug falls apart.

So right before bed a raid is posted and is filling fast. So I jump in with Samius. I am sitting at 12/6/1 bard/fighter/barb by the way, as a side note.

So get to the raid door and I notice that it has still not been opened. So I wait, starting to pay attention to the group talk. And before that long I notice that we are in on elite. SWEET! I inform the wife that we must have a good group because they decided to go elite. And I was super excited. It is hard to get an elite pug anything and win. Let alone a group that is willing to try. It takes a catalyst to get people to step up and push themselves.

We are in part one and I learn from the chatter that not many of the group has done the shroud on elite…. Oh noes.

But the group is tracking fine. Even if they are surprised that there is not a lot of changes for elite vs normal. They even noticed that I have the finding marks and asked me to boost the chests. Yes they asked me.

So we got moving in to part 2. But guys pull everything to the middle vs killing along the way. So there are a few deaths. But for the most part it was not too bad. But I decide to step up and try to lead some. Get the clrs to fill up in the trees like the good old days. Break a magic floating rock and move on to part 3.

Solved the circle and both 5x5s but no sign of the wall, and got 2 of the chests buffed. So good times. Started part 4, and we lose a barb right away. There was just no heals. I got the clrs healing and hand out a few pots. 10 total. Tell them to heal and drink if needed. I want the xp. But the clrs gave up. I think seeing a small stack of pots means I all ready won to many people and they didn’t really give it their all. I do my best to keep us moving. But after 3 rounds Harry is at half and I can’t get any help on the gnolls. I take a back to back DBF and a Mstorm about 4 gnolls left and as soon as I died the rest of the group dinged.

I am glad there was a pug that was willing to push themselves. But I would have liked them to have a little better idea what to do/expect. But mostly I want people not to lose heart. Or if they do, still fight. And keep positive, at least over mic. I think that group could have at least gotten to part 5. It would have been a 4-5 rounder and it would have taken all of those pots but I didn’t think I would get them back anyway. (And I didn’t 🙂 )

It was just key vocal people didn’t think we could do it, voiced it and then set us up to fail. Happens.

2 thoughts on “A Pug Surprise

  1. Ah, the old “let’s do elite” when people have no clue…you probably should have left immediately upon hearing that…

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