My name is Samius and I am a Chest Blesser.

There has been so much going on over the long weekend. I hope to space it out and get you all a few good posts for this week.

Lets start with a simi popular topic…. Werds, my name is Samius and I am a Chest Blesser. Well at least for a few more days. 🙂

But what is the deal. There are tons of discussion/s right now about handling blessers and looters. People looting as chests being looted as the blessing is being given. Said people bitting the chest openers head off. Avoiding groups with blessers and so on.

So really what is the big deal? I know as the blesser I took the feats to help me. I wanted to try them out. And I wanted to re-pad my plat total as I am doing a lot of crafting and my plat buffer was dwindling. (And it is working. I am slowing making plat, even when crunching most of my loots.)

Do I have problems when someone opens a chest while I am buffing it? Well yes. If 10 other people are standing around waiting for 1 guy to bless a chest then you can wait also. If your not the group leader or someone blessing chests why are you opening chests anyway?

Now on the flip side do I get “angry” when some one opens a chest on me? Not really. I know above I said yes, and now I am saying no. But here is the deal. People will forget. Get on auto pilot. Or just be in an hurry. It is going to happen. No reasons to get upset.

So what do I do? The only people I show any annoyance to/at are guildies or people in my TR channel. After a few days of me having and using the feats they are mostly trained. And they are also seeing the benefits. So they are now motivated to let me wiggy the chest.

But never in a raid. I will let the raid leader know that I can bless the chests and I will try to do so. If the leader wants to make a big deal then I leave it to them. Although I have taken to try to get ahead of the group or stop fighting and get a blessing while the group is still busy. If I notice that there is one guy opening the chests I might send him a tell letting him know that I can work the chests.

There are tons of reasons to get pissed off. None of them have anything to do with getting any extra +1 loot…

13 thoughts on “My name is Samius and I am a Chest Blesser.

  1. First an apology: I may have been a bit rash with my initial reaction of giving you 1 out of 5 for your post, sorry about that.
    Actually my opinion on chest blessing is:
    Bless the chest, don’t bless the chest, just don’t get between me and my loot by waving your hands around. Especially if I am on my Rogue.
    I also play a Cleric, never been asked to bless a chest and would think they were mad if they did, but hey whatever floats your boat, if I have spell points left.

    • Kris, np on the vote. I like people to hit the vote thing more as a way to see that there are readers. A comment is 100% better then clicking a 1-5.

      Now that we have that handled, let me ask you. How do you enjoy working on a trap then some one goes running ahead and dies in the trap you are moments from disarming? How about completing a quest as your hitting the last box for 15% xp vs 10%? On your clr, you throw a true res as the target takes a normal res and waits for you to heal them again, or worse die again right away as your throwing a heal?

      I know what your saying. Your time is important. So is mine. So is anyone who is in a group with me. I don’t know about you but if all I am going to do with that chest is loot it I would want it to be as good for me as it can be. 10 secs can be a long time 30 is forever.

      What I am saying is avoiding actions that are less then optimal is sometimes worth a sec to look around.

  2. It doesn’t take that long to give the chest a bless-try. Now, if you were doing it over and over again, I might get impatient, but I’m all for better loot!

  3. A quick note to Krissonofpark, based on that comment.

    A cleric casting Bless, or Prayer, or using Diplomacy on the chest, does nothing to it.

    A human or half-orc using is what Samiusbot is talking about.

    I’m not very good at the linky things, so feel free to clean that up a bit, if you want.

    As for the mark itself, my TR character is currently trying it out this life. It’s a fun little toy, and I get a lot of amusement from seeing the giant shield pop up to indicate the boost was blocked. Not as much as boosting it, then seeing every person in the raid getting a Large Devil Scale out of the chest, but a bit. (Important disclaimer: Dragonmark of loot boosting does not actually affect the chance of getting a specific type of large ingredient from the Shroud chests)

    I do not plan on retaking it, however, or taking it on any other character. The ability is nice, but in no way worth three feats. I would have trouble spending even one more feat on it, if I wanted to take two feats for the Knock power.

    If I happen to run into a group who has someone who announces that they can boost loot, or I see someone doing the animation, I’ll certainly try to avoid interrupting them however.

  4. Ok, so Im a little confused as I have never seen this done let alone heard about it. Blessing a chest… is this from the mark of finding or are you actually casting the Bless spell on the chest?
    Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Please bless every chest on every quest. Especially if there is a Halfling Commando in your group 🙂

  6. I took the full line for a TR and even after telling/warning people, they still open it 90% of the time. It’s very frustrating. I’ve found that the only way to do it is to zerg harder than everyone else and bless it before they get there. 😀

  7. While I haven’t had the pleasure of a “chest blesser” in a raid group, I can tell you the problems that some of my guildies have had with chest blessers in their groups. Vent chat is fun! I feel comfortable letting you in on this because it looks like you’re not the guy my guildies were having to deal with this weekend.

    The “Chest Blessers” that people hate do the following:

    They are on one side of the map. They scream over voice chat for everybody to wait for them. On the otherside of the map is the chest they are so desperate to bless and 10 other people waiting for the chest blesser to just shut up and do it already.

    They make a big show out of it. Shouting over voice how their almighty dragonmark is going to make Large Devil Scales fall out of the sky. Then after they finally decide to bless the lesser beings with their presence, they fail their check. Then they fail it again, and again, and again, and again until people start trying to calculate the maximum number of greater dragonmarks a character can have in a day. After this grand display of failure is completed, the other people in the group are wondering “Exactly why did we wait for this dillhole?” All this gets played out again at the next chest.

    So, if you’re not doing these things, then you’re probably having to deal from the backlash started by people who are doing this. Just use your experience with people who think “ is not DPS” to fight it. Do better than the epic fail players and people will notice.

  8. I’ve only ever been lucky enough to have a chest blesser in my party once (my on-and-off boyfriend doesn’t count; his idea of chest blessing doesn’t have much to do with DDO loot *grin*), but hell yeah, I’d be MORE than happy to wait a few seconds if it meant better loot.

  9. I’m looking forward to your TR being done and me being able to open chests right away and get on with things… 🙂

  10. +1loot…. nah i canna be assed please don’t waste my time…. Now if I had a Jewel loot boost + guild buff +1loot yeah maybe then its worth it but not 100% sure they all stack there… and knowing DDO as I do they probably don’t. So don’t waste my time and your feats on utter bs ty

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