60k+ xp in less then an hour

Sure the title is a little miss leading, but it happened for me last night. 1500 slayers in the vale both Lams and Shavs rounded out the rares and a few extra. Even took the time to pray to the chests before looting them most of the time. Add in a running 20% pot, +5% from VoM or Mantle and the 2% from the boat and big xps.

Vale running is one of those things I like to do between things. Like when I am waiting for people to log in or finish running something before forming up. I like explorer areas for this. Lets me feel like I am keeping forward momentum while waiting for my guildies/friends. Otherwise a get tired of waiting on them and I end up in a quest, then they finish up and they get started on something and we end up missing each other all night. So it is just better to be the one to man up and wait and running slayers is a fine way to kill 10-20 mins.

So I step in the vale about 400 kills short from 1500, so I hit one of the slayer bonus pots and went to town. A run through pop back to town, boot my logged off wife and keep moving. Bam 1500 lams for 22K or so. Reset again. And bam another 22k. Knocked out my last 4-5 rares for 4k+ 9k for catching them all. And 2 more Litany runs for 10 k and I noticed about an hour has passed. So not to bad, right around 1000xp an min.

So I took a break to watch a movie. And returned a few hours later, and got my Reavers refuge explores and a few rares while the last of my xp pot ticked down.

I really like the new slayer pots. I know it is not popular for me to say so, but I really do. For me they are good when first entering a new explorer zone, to speed along those early xp tears. And then good again when you wish to speed along to the next tear for a big xp pay off.

One thought on “60k+ xp in less then an hour

  1. Yes! They are amazing especially when you are first entering the zone, I too chugged a greater slayer before making my first foray into the Vale on a character. It was awesome.

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