I’m late, I’m late

For a very important date.
No time to say “Hello.”
I’m late, I’m late, I’m late
. – White Rabbit.

I was searching the Ddowiki, to answer some question, when I stumbled on to this tidbit from the dev Phax.

If you first entered the dungeon ten or more minutes after it spawned, you’ll have a -80% penalty if the time between your entry and completion is less than a quarter of the dungeon’s lifetime at that moment. If it’s at least a quarter but less than half, you’ll have a -50% penalty instead.

So lets look at what this means and maybe a few examples.

So any time in the first 9 mins 59sec, we are solid. But at 10 mins we have to account for penalties. And if your in the dungeon for less then 25% of the total time our penalty remains -80%. If have been in between 25% and 49% of the total time then our penalty is -50%. But at 50% or longer then the penalty goes away. Clear as mud right?
Lets do some examples.
Enter at min 5, quest lasts 13 mins. No penalty.
Enter at min 11, quest lasts 16 mins. We have been in the quest for 5 mins 5/16 or 31% of the quest so we have a 50% penalty.
Enter at min 13, quest lasts for 24 mins. We have been in the quest for 11 mins or 45% of the total time so we still have a 50% penalty.
But if we waited to complete until the total time was 26 mins we would have no penalty.

Use this formula ( dungeon’s current lifetime – when you entered) / dungeon’s current lifetime = your % in quest. But the best way to avoid any penalty is to get in the quest with in that first 10 mins. But realize it will take at least 5 mins to work off 100% of any penalty.

Oh, boy. I am late. Got to run.

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