Item Update Pass, (Tome of Untold Legends) Please?

I don’t know about you but I think there are lots of old named gear that could use a update pass. The Tome of Untold Legends, arguably the hardest non-raid items in the game to get. Some might say dual shroud green steel but I don’t think so. But almost no one bothers to run, other then TRers like myself or people looking to get into the raid. And I guess farmers…..

But what are your options for gathering these 8 pages?

A choice of 8 +5 weapons with 3-4 powers, sounds good…..Lets look at some.

A greater Elf bane +3 to umd/other chr skills/ Control Undead clickly(1/day)?

A non-DR breaking heavy pick with a natural keen (can be improved with Imp Crit: P) of maiming seeker 8

A Battleaxe Vertigo +10 Transmuting Giant bane

Well you can read the list here:

But I think most will agree there is at best there are 1 or 2 “real” options if we were to turn in our hard earned pages. And most of the time that means a Skiver.

But with a little tweaking I think that we can boost these items right up. Lets see. They all get a damage dice boost +1. This is a no brainier. Then make any keen or impact natural for the weapons. Take any power that has a better tear and boost to that. X bane becomes greater X bane, Destruction becomes Imp Destruction. Add a Material. Flametouched Iron, Densewood, Adamantine, etc…. They don’t have to become instant DR breakers but at least make them more then steel.

I would also add a guild slot, or two in the case of the twinblade.

Turbine, make these weapons a little better. Litany is one of the best quests in the game. Lets have its rewards be some of the best too.

PS, Oh before I forget, any time we update a old item. There should be update recipe so old versions can be updated IF the user wishes.

3 thoughts on “Item Update Pass, (Tome of Untold Legends) Please?

  1. i think these are mostly good ideas. The only one I am gonna disagree with is the guild slots. Named items should not force people to join a guild just to use them.

    • You don’t have to be a member of a guild to use an item with a guild slot.

      You only have to be member of a guild if you wish to slot said item.

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