The Loot gods must be Crazy

Lately I have been looking at my plat pile and how it is shrinking as most of what would be my incoming plat has been turning into crafting xps. All vendor trash worth breaking down in to essences might as well be a crafting xp token for all the good it does on my plat pile. BtA named loot is hot for me now. But loot worth selling on the AH? Not so much.

So in my attempt to better my odds. I have been running loot gems (again thanks Turbine, the Pax hat was a huge plat saver).

But I have been spending plat or TP on ways to get around locks. My stock pile of knock wands are lvl 15 and I just got there. So a reliable way to get open locks wouldn’t suck.

Also you know this is the first Horc that has had a chr that didn’t suck. So I have decided to play with the Marks of finding for this life and see if they give a noticeable boost.

First of all, I need to take a few of the enchantments to give a few more uses a day as one a day is kinda shitty. At least when you pop out to the vale to try things out. Getting 3 or 4 rares to drop and having to run to a shrine or pop back to the bar for a min is far from good times.

Can’t say that I have seen a huge boost in profit. But 4 or 5 chests are not the best test sample. So I will try to report back in a few days. After a few days of opening chests.

If you have played around with the marks let me know what you have found, would you?

One thought on “The Loot gods must be Crazy

  1. Very first thing, the basics:
    Big pink shiny arrows: Happy loot success!
    Little pink flashes, but no arrow: Loot boost failed.
    Big shiny shield: Happy loot BLOCKED! You get nothing!

    Okay, not nothing. Just the normal loot. If somebody opens the chest before you finish your dragonmark of loot boosting, you get a shield symbol, and the attempt fails.

    (un)Surprisingly, the shield is probably going to be the most common symbol you see. Haven’t gotten any super awesome items from it myself, but I have it on an 8 base charisma human fighter, so can’t expect super awesome results. Also, I don’t stack it with loot boost gems, so that could help more.

    Oddly, I do see more success at pulling named loot (the stuff the boost shouldn’t be affecting) after a successful boost, but I think that’s just my luck mocking me.

    Best of luck to you with it!

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