Normally I don’t mind when…

Normally I don’t mind when I see someone asking for a change. I ask for changes all the time. But when I see 5+ “ddo is too hard make it easier” requests in a matter of minutes it does start to get to me.

When I read something, I read between the lines. I know most people have this power but a lot of people don’t, or don’t know when to use it vs read what is written.

So I am reading another My.ddo blog post and I read this:

“So they added spell point regeneration but its currently capped out at 12 spell points, so its really only usefull if you’re casting level 1 spells, or have some sort of prestige spell that casts for only a few spell points. I honestly cant see why they bothered, unless they plan on raising it.”

Okay, sure not so bad. Think the writer is try to infer that the cap for echoes of power is not good enough…

More complainants….About hate gen, mob IA, hireling IA (mostly healers). Etc…

I good idea: “selectable health bar up for escort missions where you must keep an npc alive” worded very negatively as to the point to not see that it is a positive suggestion.

Then this:
“Monsters that chain cast heal are really sort of broken when soloing, Dungeon scaling really needs to be adjusted to reduce how often a monster can cast heal.”

So as I read this all I began to see is the game is too hard. Nerf plz?

Not what can I do to improve. Nothing. So yes I can tell your new. Just from your post. And I say please Turbine I know your making lots of changes to account for these “paying” people. But I am still VIP and I buy and use lot of points. Hearts, Xp pots, armor skins, etc. So please be careful when trying to balance challenge vs keeping noobs in Ddo.

Sure you don’t want people leaving because the game is too hard. But you don’t want the vets that kept the servers up for years leaving because the game has become too easy.

Balance is restored. At least for me for now.

4 thoughts on “Normally I don’t mind when…

  1. Agreed. Having only been here about a year-and-a-half I have heard that the game is MUCH easier now than it was back in the early days. That being said, I have solo’d the bulk of the content in DDO on both melee and casters. There are quests I know that I have no chance of soloing, so I don’t do it. Other quests others would be afraid to try solo, I try. The game is fine as it is. Even with this most recent update and people complaining that they can’t scroll farm epics anymore, or that nobody wants a wizard anymore. When there is a will there is a way. I adjusted how I ran things, changed up some spells, and I’m right back where I was before, soloing many of the epics right up to the final, and some epics I’m getting further along NOW than I was before. I’ve REALLY learned spell point conservation and have never run out, I now do not just drop blanket buffs but decide if I really need them or not. The only issue I DO have is cleric hireling AI. It’s great that they now heal summoned and other party members, but they do a better job of THAT than of healing me. When I have 9 hit points left, I need a BIG heal, not an 8 HP heal, and it seems they prefer to cast that instead of the monster heal I need, and this has caused problems.

  2. I completely agree there does seem to be far to many ” I can’t do this – its not fair – make it easier ” type posts, am new(ish) to DDO myself ( playing since august ) but am a long time pnp roleplayer,
    i want the game to be a challenge, too make me think about how best to take on the mission, the whole basis of (pnp) RPG’s over most other games is the fact you need to think/use your imagination
    regarding the spellpoint recharge i think if you have blown all you spell points you should be restricted to low level spells as that represents the idea of mental fatigue
    and why should mages get an ‘unlimited’ ( which is what a higher recharge ceiling would account to ) spell points because if all my fighters weapons break they don’t fix themselves mid mission do they ?
    and surely d&d is meant to be a challenge , try taking a mage or thief from the redbox basic set (1980ish) thru Keep on the Borderlands , when you’ve only got d4 HP(+con bonus) and every weapon in the game is d4 or more damage its going to be hard
    And Turbine to reinterate what Samiusbot said please keep the game a challenge, give us more puzzles etc to get us thinking and I for one will keep coming back

  3. I don’t want easy button!

    When I find out about crap that has been easy buttoned before I got to the game, I get sad. Like many of the “X marks the spot” hints in quests for a clue on where to stand.

    Echoes of power is exactly what it needs to be. Almost useless to a high level caster with access to resources and SP potions. Very helpful for a new caster starting out, giving them another Niac’s ever 10 seconds or so to help them get through the quest.

    I muscled Metalbone through the puzzle part of the DQ pre-raid with no spell points. And heck yeah Echos of Power was useful for him! It gave me a couple of Niac’s and Scorching Rays every few mobs.

    Keep the challenge, please! If DDO is too hard for you, hang out with Haverdasher, or go play Contra or something.

  4. I agree. The past few updates made this game pathetically easy and its losing alot of its appeal for me. I’d love to know where these whiners make their voices heard so I can go help drown them out!

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