Dot Spells for all Casters

I love options, I am very pro choices. Oh I made a funny. 🙂 Well I thought it was funny.

Okay what the heck am I talking about? This girl, “Kalari” started a thread ‘Bards want DOTS to‘. Not going to lie. Didn’t read the whole thing. Did read the original post, and how it read to me was “Hey, I would like my bards to have a Dot spell.”

And I say, why the hell not? You you said a fighter wanted a Dot I would say, I don’t know… Give me a place to start so I can think though how it might be used. But I don’t have to ask Kalari for said starting place. She gave us 3 possible examples. Tied to the three PRE line for bards. Agree or not every caster likes options. Why wouldn’t a bard also want a dot option?

Me I would go with one or two spells. Like a maybe a 3 level spell that could daze or damage all mobs that “hear you yell” damage doesn’t have to be great but something would be nice. If you had 3 or 4 damage spells on your list wouldn’t you want a few more?

Lets look at a few more ideas for bards that came to me while I was reading her post.

Crashing Symbols. A ear drum breaking clanging is banging against your brain up side your head. Dealing some about of sonic damage unless you make a save for half. Give it a duration and let it stack a lot like the new Dots we have been given in game. There is a good one person bard themed dot.

But what I would really like to see is a removal song for bards. You sing a haunting song that ending is so lovely when it ends it breaks your will to live. Will save/Fort save or die. Make it require a huge perform skill and set up the DC so it can super good.

Bards get a bad wrap in Ddo. The are jack of all trades, master of none. Okay well in Ddo they are master of the buffs and the halfassed of all. Why not focus more on the one theme that is unique to bards, MUSIC?

2 thoughts on “Dot Spells for all Casters

  1. Fighters can get a DoT as a bonus feat.. Slicing Blow.
    It’s just not good and has awful prereqs.

    I think it would be neat to see Bards get some threat modifying (+ & -) buffs.

    • I thought about Slicing Blow when writing. But any one can take that feat. It is not limited to only fighters. So i thought best to skip it.

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