Lighting 2, A love story

Back when I first was getting ready to TR, I thought knew what I was doing. After all I had leveled many guys to cap. And a few extra xp would hardly slow me down. I was wrong, but I learned my lesson well. Those few extra xps took a lot longer then I thought they would. And I needed to take a long hard look at my gear, before going again.

Often I would find myself swinging away with my Rad2 rapier, doing “fine damage” doing the fighting in a wall/cloud thing. It could take a while to clear a dungeon when trying to save SPs for a later fight.

So when I started looking at my plan for my 3rd life, I looked at a building a better option. And for me that option was a big two handed lighting 2 weapon. After much time and thought I went with a maul vs a great ax. It better fit my style/needs. And it has served me well, from level 12 almost every life, this one is no exception.

But it is exceptional, as this life my lovely Lig2 maul as stepped up its game even more. How? Well by gaining double strike, naturally. How else could it get any better?

At level 14 I leveled to 12/1/1 bard/fighter/barb. And gained warchanter 2. The Inspire Recklessness song is so good. For a shotty -10% fort I gain 5% double strike. A worthy trade off considering you can slot extra stacking fort in guild slots (small +10%, med +15%) or wear your Stalwart Trinket (if you made one).

I haven’t seen a double lighting bolt yet… but I think it is just a matter of time and finding a mob with enough hit points to live long enough until it happens. But I like the idea so much I am debating on switching my Virtuoso bard in to a warchanter to add in the off hand Swashbuckler and a bastard sword with the THF line for crazy damage. 🙂

If only there was a way to add in Zeal also…..

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