A good night

Last night was one of those nights where things just went well. Leveled Samius to 3 super close to 4. And ran an Abbot raid with Java. And while not the smoothest run, there was 3 good pieces of loot. And moved Java’s counter to 18. And is making my decision as to what to do with Java even harder.

Lets start with Sam. I am starting to see why people like the sorc. Right now at level 3 I have about 550 sp. That is a lot of burning hands and shocking grasps. I have taken to running until yellow/red skulled, keeping an sup inferno/spark clickly running, backing into a corner and burning hands burning hands burning hands burning hands burning hands burning hands burning hands burning hands burning hands burning hands shocking grasp any one that doesn’t die in flames.

Remember I have 5 dr/ magic and am rocking a fair amount of Hps. I also have a fair amount ship buffs for things like fire/elc/acid 20 so I take fairly little damage. Will this trend last post level 6? I don’t think so but there are more blasty spells later. Sorc does feel like I can just blast 24/7. Damn playing smart. I can blast my way out of any problem. I hate to encounter the day I can’t…..

Okay Java, the wife joins an Abbot raid. And they wait and wait for someone/s able to handle ice. So I join as Java to try to do Ice with the wife. But someone switched to a 20 clr and made the swim so she and I got to sleep in roids.

Completion did take 2 tries however, the first run I thought was funny as only goggles failed. But roids took a hit and I guess some people didn’t get filled up before entering. And that one hit took some people to less then their level in HP. And when rage ended there was some deaths. So we restarted.

Take 2 I was worried about right from the start as 2 of the 10 wizards died right off the bat. I am guessing failed disintegrates… But they got rezed and we moved on. Ice and roids went fine. Again we took a hit in roids. But everyone had lots of hp this time… Goggles 4 men entered, 2 men lived. So I guess they had some problems.

I spotted and lived through an encasement. Beat down went fairly quickly. Abbot didn’t have time to call dick. Let alone the Inferno.

Loot there was gloves, a breeze and of coarse a Enduring Conviction. I was the first to roll and I got a 99 out of 100 and no one else either wanted it or thought they could win. Bam matched pair.

Now I really don’t know what to do with Java. His gear is really set up for how he is playing now. I am just not super happy with how he is playing with the changes to the Fist of light finisher and his dps is a lot lower then I would like…. Thinking about some kind of clr/ranger mix but only if I can get the dps good enough. I will have to think some more on it…

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