DR & ME (Who Else Would I be Talking About?)

Over on the DdoCast boards, Episode 216 generated a strange topic add in some in game conversations over the last few weeks and I think DR is not super well understood. Mainly as how it stacks.

So how do I think of DR stacking? Layers.


If that is your DR and I swing at you with a master work sword we pull 5 damage off. As it is not from a magic weapon. If I swing with a +1 maul then we pull of 3. And if I swing with a +1 great axe then we pull of 2. It becomes what layer does you the most good.

Any DR you have when your not holding down the block key is called Passive DR and can come from many sources. Which makes any times when you are blocking, “active” DR.

Active DR stacks with any Passive DR (from the single, highest applicable source) *ddowiki*

So if your blocking with a shield that gives 9 DR, you have the same DR listed above and you block. And I swing with a with a master work sword we pull 14 points off. A +1 maul 12 points is stopped. Or a +1 great axe 11 points is blocked.

That is the nuts and bots as I understand it.

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