Via Twitter once again

Today is another day I am going to hit a couple of questions from twitter: What are your favorite XP grind quests? Just the high XP per minute ones or other favorites? Via Phite3

Well I do love fast xp. There is nothing worse then feeling like your not having fun and not advancing your character. So as long as I don’t have a personal goal for the day I will take what ever xp I get.

But those days are far and few between. Most days I want a rank or a level or to complete a set of quests.

So lets hit a list, you have the biggies Shadow crypt, and raids. But let me list a few others.
BoB not on epic
Bloody crypt
Red Fins pack (Claw and fathom)
Tombs Blighted, Tormented (traper and BB)
DQ 6 man
Attack on SR pack (Blockade buster is super)
Gh All of Gh is great.

Well I can keep going but you can hit the quest list and more or less go level by level. There are a few that I might do once and forget or not run into the ground. But the list above are normally loved by me.

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