I Want More: Another list of things for the Devs to make for me.

As the title says I have a few more wants – ideas. This time items. Aka items that makes the Dragonmarks look better, not unlike the Chimera’s Fang. Lets take a look at some of the feats and what we can do that would keep in line with the theme.

Mark of Storm – Gust of Wind/Electric Loop/Call Lightning Storm
I picture the Cloak of Storms. It does some so so effect normally like twilight. Good but not uber.
But if you have the Gust of Wind mark you get something like shock damage to melee damage like the Epic Red Dragon Armor or lightning guard (1d8). Electric Loop grants a small stacking % to double strike change. And Call Lightning Storm grants lighting strike guard. Good enough to devote a slot and 3 feats.

Mark of Healing Cure Light Wounds/Cure Serious Wounds/Heal
I am not sure what type of item matched this feat the best but I am inclined to say a ring or some kind of weapon. It it is a weapon it could have some kind of tall person bane. All humanoids that are not dwarf or halfling. Then we add regen effect. A Rez effect maybe, and then grant a fast heal effect to the target when you use any of your cure/heal clicklies.

Mark of Warding Fire Trap/Glyph of Warding/Greater Glyph of Warding
I am thinking a Shield with a big Bonus and nice damage dice. Then granting a miss chance with the first feat. Larger shield proc chance to attack with the shield. Finally granting a large DR 15-20 range.

So there are quick ideas. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “I Want More: Another list of things for the Devs to make for me.

  1. Just personal opinion here, but I think another avenue could be finding a way to bring some class-specific enhancements to other classes through investment in dragonmark feats. The Mark of Healing, for example, could grant a +10%/15/20 increase in healing output, meaning that a non-cleric class, if they were willing to invest the feats in it, could get some healer-styled enhancement bonuses. It could also be a way for a player who is struggling to invest in all of the enhancements they want a way to get those benefits by exchanging the AP cost with a feat cost.

  2. Hmm, it sounds cool, but I would BEG you to make the halfling one be something other than a weapon or ring; those are the three most-needed slots on a character, and if you have the halfling D-marks, it’s usually for emergency healing in battle; not something you want to sacrifice a weapon slot for.

  3. @darksabable I see your point about not being a weapon. Lots of different builds use the 1/2 marks, being one of the top 2 marks used (i think). Picking a weapon that fits into each of those builds would be quite hard if not impossible.

    Some kind of wearable would be best.

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