The Eternal Struggle

I have been looking at what to do with a few characters now that I have gotten the feel for the update 9 changes. Samiusbot my lvl 20 pure wiz went from the guild epic holder (AM Ench) back to a PM. He is still a holder, but my play style is strengthened by the Pm line. McGoogles my 20 pure FvS has specked into a AoV. Boy the devs really out did themselves with that PrE line. Boy! Add in the 5 level light spell and I dig it.

But I look at poor Javabot, I am at a loss, again…. I am willing to TR him again, but to what? He needs to stay a WF. Not just for the name. But for tons of gear. Bound DoD, and upgraded Titan gloves, and a handful of other RR WF gear. And I want him to have a blue bar as he as a Torc and a CordOp built, and has been marked to have an epic Jidz (he is holing all the parts waiting for me to be sure). He also has a few GS longwords and a other GS items. Oh and a good intim is a must.

So as I said the eternal struggle, the question, What is next? How can I build something better, stronger then before?

Building on everything I have been kicking around lately, factoring in gear. I have a few options:

20 pure WF FvS. Good healing, fine dps, solid spells it is kind of a whole package. But I have a pure FvS already…

13/6/1 clr/rgr/mnk Rad 2, some monk options, Gtwf, solid dps and fair good casting, manyshot.
12/6/2 clr/rgr/mnk see above but loosing a level of spells.
11/6/3 clr/rgr/mnk see above but loosing Rad2 for monk fists

13/4/3 clr/fgr/mnk all of the strs of the first but loosing manyshot….

Can I find the right balance? Can I get good selfhealing, at least some group healing, good dps, and make the other casting worth a shit?

To be, or not to be? My nuts!

What to do? What to do? That is the question.

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