Hjeal meh from massive amounts of damage

I was having another one of those brain fart days. Where I needed a solid idea to start with. So I do what I do when I am stuck and asked Twitter. And Kageryu00 had a killer idea: How about your thoughts on clerics Who starts start LFMs with the BYOH notation?

I love the BYOH notation. I have used it many a times. And I look for LFMs that say BYOH. BYOH doesn’t mean bring your own heals to me. It means, I am doing the quest and you can tag along and help but don’t die. I read my focus is completing the quest. I will not hold your hand. I will not be waiting around for someone to hold your hand. Join at your own risk.

I don’t care if the leader is a Clr, FvS, Fighter, or any class/mutt. It is setting early expectations. And that is great.

Some people that have BYOH in the LFM, mean “I will never heal you” . Some people mean I will help you out but I am not watching you full time. Others mean it as a warning, to ask for help. But don’t spam me all the time.

These are often soloers that feel like grouping. Or testing the waters for the current level of pugs.

If you see a lfm with a byoh in the title. Ask yourself if you can handle the quest. If so hit the LFM. I feel more often then not these are the people you want to group with.

One thought on “Hjeal meh from massive amounts of damage

  1. I always try to keep a cleric hireling in my folder and some heal pots. Did a PUG the other day and the we had a healer who came along just for that. What people fail to realize is the healer is not to be abused… one of our group members was a real *insert insult here* towards the healer..and she didn’t bother to take care of her anymore. If you can’t bring your own healer bring some pots at least, don’t expect everyone to take care of you.

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