I Just got a Letter, I just got a Letter…

And in the letter the writer asks “What is my role in a PuG now?” signed AM Enchanter.

There is some other stuff in the letter but that is the main question. And a hard question to answer. My first gut answer is to the same as before the update plus do more damage to keep the crowd control effective. If you hold a mob and then with your help the group clears said mob before it hurts any one, what harm is the spell change?

Answer: None.

To me maintaining dps vs sp management is now very hard. Not impossible, just harder then ever before.

So lets look at what is in our tool box… Removal, mostly single targeted removal is as good as it has ever been. Finger, Pwrd KILL, Pwrd STUN, PK, wail, circle of death, Symbol of death, all the holds, sleep. If it gets them out of the fight long enough to be permanently removed then it is a good removal spell. And now lots of spells are getting their due, finally.

As a wiz it is not that hard to get all your meta feats and greater in 2 schools. You should be able to have great Dcs in one area and have solid DCs in another. If you want to hold and WoF(or other DPS spell) you can. If you want to Hold and watch for a good time to hit a death effect spell you can.

Or you can mix and match.

But I think we will start to see less people building to do X or Y, and more people building to play to a style of casting. Standing in a Wall/blasting(attacking) and hold/blasting will become more popular. New styles will develop. Like what my guild has been doing. What I will call Double PM Blasting. But I will get in to DPM later.

Find your style, and fine tune it. Oh and get that necro DC up there, and learn pwrd KILL. It will become your go to spell. When it is off timer, you will have the power to change the flow of almost any fight.

One thought on “I Just got a Letter, I just got a Letter…

  1. Answer: Feat Swap Time! Researching now how to respect into a good PM. Trading a second thoughness I took for SF: Necro and swapping GSF: Enchant for GSF: Necro and taking lich and vampire form. This allows me to keep SF: Enchant and go into vampire for the +2 to Enchant DCs. Has everything my AM: Enchant had other the the Hypno SLA!

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