State of Wizardry

So since the update I have kinda avoided playing some of my wizards. And I have a few. A pure 20, a 18/2 rouge splash, 11/6/3/ fighter monk splash, and a x/6/1 ranger/monk splash. All of them were super fun. But with the changes….

So to do a little testing I called up Samiusbot (20pure) Ench Archmage, aka my epic runner. And boy things have changed. Holds almost last 15-20 seconds. Dance spells are about the same. But we can instant kill now. So that is a nice change. But it was not good enough to stay Archmage, yep I am back to Pale Master. And things are about the same, except now as a PM dps is a lot more sustainable.

The good: epics now allow a larger range of strategies, where before make mobs helpless and beat down was the best option.

The bad: Everyone needs to be helpful. Before even a less then good player/build could be a help. But now… I think albatrosses are a lot more noticeable then before.

I haven’t gone over my other builds, yet. I think I will make Java a Clr, and As400 will get cleaned up but remaining a 18/2, he will be fine. I am not sure what to do with Samyus my ranger splash.

Change… its not always good. But I think these changes will be fine, but might alienate some and make getting into epics harder.

2 thoughts on “State of Wizardry

  1. Maybe I’m imagining it. But it seems that they have been extremely punishing with Wizard casting cooldowns. Last night, it seems that I spent most of the night waiting on cooldowns to roll through. 😦

    Longer cooldowns – DO NOT WANT!!

    • I know that the timers have gotten longer but with more spells worth casting I haven’t really felt at a loss of things to do.

      My main disappointment is some of my favorite spells are almost worthless now. I like/liked a lot of the cloud spells. And now their durations are so short we are almost better off casting more WoFs or standing and spamming necro burst/blast.

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