Monday: A Weekend Report

Over the weekend my TR group slammed down some xp. Sure we took breaks and went out to eat and what not. Hell, I bought my son a push mower and showed him how to mow, so he could get a “mow the yard’ bonus to his allowance. What I am saying is we didn’t sit and farm xp all weekend long but we made good progress. I am 6/1/1 with xp for 9 banked and about half way to 10.

A surprisingly good quest to window farm is BoB aka Bargain of Blood. Base 1500xp takes about 3 mins. No deaths, pot, Vom or Mantle, and ship 1or2% and it is a little over 600 a min. Not great. Star wouldn’t bother, with it for less them 1k a min. But I am less in a hurry. And it is a fun little quest.

Lets see what else…. Oh I know I messed up while leveling again. And took the wrong feat. Took Toughness and not Weapon Focus: Bludgeoning. So I have to push back Warchanter until level 9 or pony up some plat for a feat swap. I like to keep the free on on stand by in case I need it after level 15.

Gear, I have put away my Carnafax. Now I am using a +1 shocking burst (icy burst) PG great axe. Crits a little less often but drops mobs a little faster. Beside it I put the Might of the Abishai stuff away. My cove hat was calling to me. 30 hp +10 concentration. Also switched to the claw set and now I really need to watch my trinket slot. Mobs are starting to use magical weapons now. So I have to keep an eye on what will be the best trinket to use at the time. Blood Rage, Greater Stalwart, or Greater Bold trinkets. I am still using the anger’s set however. That +2 helps me keep power attack on.

Well back to work, Let me just say it was a nice weekend. And that I am looking forward to being forced to take 9. It will make my moment by moment decisions easier and faster.

Do I have a DR 5/- song?
Yes: Greater Bold on Kill.
No: Sing, Greater Bold on Kill.

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