Lunch Hour in the Crafting Hall

Over my lunch hour I decided to check out our new crafting system. I broke down 40-50 ish items. Made a few shards, and crafted a few (okay 2) items. I made a lesser bane weapon, and a -5% SPF ring.

In less then an hour I was able to figure out the basics. I see a lot of possible usefulness here. Even for newer characters. But I didn’t look at any minimum levels. That could be a deal breaker. Real fast let me “build” some sample items.

X wraps of lesser Ooze bane lvl 4 (not sure what the min level would be…)
Any low level Invulnerability is handy
I would love a low level Life Shield item I can use when I am TRing, say a ring
And how great would it be to load up on guards?
Looks like I could make a two handed Song blade for my bard life…
Also the idea that I could “level up” a piece of gear that I have carried along with me for flavor or looks. I know there are a lot of armor I love and lots I hate. I could make a style I like be +2 at low level and level that set of armor up with me would be huge.

I don’t know. I have the feeling that we have a fine start. But I would have rather had something a lot closer to pencil and paper.

2 thoughts on “Lunch Hour in the Crafting Hall

  1. I’m still figuring out the crafting system. There are things I like and don’t like, but mostly the things I don’t like are the ones I haven’t figured out yet. LOL

  2. I had one of those ideas too, supplement my con op and demon shield with a life shield ring or bracers or something, but as I remember it you could only put it on armor or shield. You’ll find the same issue with other interesting stuff to do. They’re either limited to specific items that don’t work good in your build or when you want to pair them with another power both turn out to be suffixes or prefixes.

    It has a lot of potential but the artifical limitations and massive amount of essences needed to craft just breaks it for me. I’ve spent 3 days deconstructing (only for now) and probably well over 250 items and I don’t feel I’ve accomplished anything.

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