Level 1 + 3 hours = level 4

Isn’t funny when math works? The four of us went nuts tearing threw Korthos Island on elite. That was a little more then a level. Then we were off to the harbor.

Running a few quests some a few times and one right into the dirt. Looking at you New Ringleader. There is a difference between soloing. And having a bit of a team. Example I would us the jump over in ringleader and the rest of the group would go the long way smashing crates and hitting the optionals I would have skipped. And we would end up only adding a little bit of time to the final time for the quest, but get all the bonuses. Giving us a lot more xp.

Also it was nice to run almost carefree because I wasn’t the only one in the quest. Winning or losing didn’t rest on any one person’s shoulders. It was a nice change.

That is enough talking about the wonders of having a group. Let me talk about how the build is play atm.

The path is Bard/Fighter/Barb/Bard so far. Max Str, power attack, stunning blow, big two handers, and enough boosts to hit 99.9 % of the time. Bard song, rage/heroism/haste clickies and focusing chant == big to hit, big damage. So it plays mostly like a barb. Boost, charge, kill, repeat.

We did have a death or two. One mine. I went to loot the chest in Durk’s. The one behind the acid traps. And got hurt. Jumped back healed up and was even more careful. But was still getting hit. Jumped back healed up and third time was the charm. For the trap anyway. Boom, dead. And then the damage rolls by. Going to call it a lag death. But there is number one this life. I was level 2.

All in all I like the build so far. Looking forward to trying out warchanter.

Oh before I forget, Past Life: Initiate of the Faith. First of all, IotF is not Past Life: Acolyte of Divine Secrets. Don’t pull a Samius and take AoDS thinking it is IotF. But I did get to try them both last night.

AoDS, is at level 3 a clickly for 12-14 points of ranged light damage. It is not bad. I saw it as a way to get a little damage in as I charged into a baddie with out having to switch weapons. Not Bad… Not great.

IotF, is at level 3 a clickly for 10-12 points of healing. Not bad. A cure serious pot is hitting for about 22. so if I burn all my clicklys is it 2.5 pots. But I can target another part member. We had a death do to no one having a way to get someone up from incap that was already raged.

So it will take a little more testing, but so far I like it.

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