Mood/State of Mind and How we Take Things.

When I feel like I have to pug something, it bothers me. I know it. I start to feel the tilt just for coming to the decision to hit the LFM panel. It is not you, its me. Okay I lied it is you all. Not you the reader but pugs in general. Fool me once shame on you, fool me again and again and again I am going to stop pugging. Not that I have been having bad luck lately with pugs. I haven’t. It is just that it will take more then a few weeks to overcome the year of bad pugs.

So looking at the xp bar on your 2+ TR and knowing that there are a handful of quests (okay they are called raids) you could do for 10-24k xp you start thinking okay so I can watch timers and try to hit these.

And as I said I have been in some fine raids. A few Hard VoDs, some fast Shrouds, some Abbots (even got a hard for the xp bonus), a few ToDs heck the last ToD was on Hard. And we had 1 or 2 people new to the raid! So I am not complaining about the groups I have been in lately.

But the act of opening the Lfm panel puts me in an off mood. So when I click on and hit join. I am on my way up on my emotional roller coaster. Getting ready to just go nuts.

And I think my family can see it now. Strangely I don’t get asked a lot of questions when I am waiting on getting it to a group.

So on saturday night when I saw a mostly full normal VoD I thought okay. Looked the group over and saw a fair spread. And the lfm said need 1 dps and 1 bard/caster thing. I hit join, and sent a tell asking for the dps slot. I was thinking first time bonus for normal… tasty. And I wait.

And wait.

And wait.

I curse a little and say guess I am getting my.ddoed. I don’t really mind getting checked out. But come on. Normal VoD? Please.

After a min I get this reply, “No” and declined.

Humm okay.

I reply, “ No prob, thanks for the decline.” the raid leader replies “yep” and I talk to Tobril who is on his FvS. And I am pissed. Can’t tell you why. Guess I wanted that normal bonus. Instead he and I fill the last slots in a hard VoD and go while the other lfm sits.

The new raid starts to talk, and someone says something like great we have 4 healers. I say, I am mostly dps, but I will do my best. On of the 2 FvS (not Tobril) also says he is an arcane archer and mostly dps. And that starts what feels like a 15 min bitchfest about battle healers and they trying to inform us that we can heal and fight at the same time. I just shut up and let them go on. Hell I don’t care what people say, right? In fact I was getting pissed. So pissed in fact I decide not to use any sp on anyone that said anything on the topic. And I didn’t I healed only with the fist of light finisher, and the rad bursts. My Fists and bursts do 80-100 with all my enchantments and belt clickies. Fire off a FoL every 15-20 secs and a spot burst and there is not a lot of other healing needed.

Know what? No deaths. No pots. And it was a smooth run other then people running their mouths. In fact the roughest part was the run to the quest where people that stuck with me had no problems where half of the group spread out and needed saving.

I guess my point is be careful of your state of mind while playing. I will say I put that first vod raid leader on my “friends” list with a message. It was a spur of the moment thing. Did he deserve it? No. Will he come off? I don’t know, I might just change him to a warning message. And give him a little rope.

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