Soloing 101:

Once again we have a topic from Twitter. This time from a bud of mine Fopo aka @burbaby. And he wants to know my tips for soloing. So lets run a few of them down.

Kill mobs: I would think this would go with out question, but when building/playing character for solo play you have to be able to get around/threw the mobs in the quest. This includes boss fights. At low levels boss fights are fairly simple, and almost anyone can push and complete. But as you start to creep up into the mid levels finishing the final fight solo becomes harder and harder.

Heal: You need away to keep your red bar full enough to complete the quest. As long as you have a plan that works, I don’t really care what it is. I try to keep my healing as cheap as possible. If your going to us Pots then you need lots of AMP to make those pots go farther. If your to use a hireling by a folder and keep a lot of different kinds. You never know when you might need to swap to a different NPC. I love vamp weapons, +1 hp a hit can be good enough to lower costs a lot, or even replace a lot of other healing. And now at level 13 anyone can have vamp weapons.

Defense: You need some kind of strong defense. Large HP pool, DR, high stealth, AC, what ever floats your boat. But being a solo build you can’t have glaring weaknesses because you don’t have some one there to catch you if you fall.

Gear: Keep all the supplies you might need handy. Remove Curse/Blindness/Elemental Res pots. Check your casting supplies and check them often. Along with any thing else you might need. Invis Clickies are a must.

You have lots of play style options.

I take the fastest path to the xp. If there is an optional I will hit it or skip it based on the xp/time ratio.
Some people like the slower milk all the xp from a quest method.
And some can sneak threw the quest.

It is up to you.

Okay back to work,

One thought on “Soloing 101:

  1. Other than spelling my twitter wrong, not a bad start….lol I am @burrbaby. But this was a good topic for Samius to speak about as he and I may run a lot together, but we also both do a lot of soloing. Everything from the low level grind to EPIC stuff. I will add that patience and finding what works for your toon and style are key.

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