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I have two more topics from twitter to talk about today. ‘Why kobolds kick ass!’ and ‘The different versions of D&D over the years, and which one is the best and why’. From CSIStormreach and Niatnuomwed.

Kobolds, hmmm. I don’t have a lot of good things to say about them. Other then they die real good and are tasty with just a min or two full on in a WoF. Thats what I call a kick ass monster. Xp and Good Eats! Thanks CSIStormreach.

The different versions of D&D over the years, and which one is the best and why? What a meaty question. Let me start with a simple list of DnD that I have played over the years and in order I played them. 2nd (aka AdnD), 1st , 3rd , 3.5, 4th, Path Finder, And you might count Neverwinter Nights 1, Ddo, and a few of the dungeon crawls on the game boy (Eye of the Beholder is the one I remember best)

If I did a top 5 list I would say this order:
1- Ddo
2 – 3.5
3 – PathFinder
4 – 2nd
5 – Neverwinter Nights

But Why?

Well one Ddo has most of the things I love best about DnD. You all can hear me go on about my likes and dislikes on

Third is so close to the best version of PnP I have ever played. 3.0 I always felt was just kinda off. But 3.5 cleaned up 75% of the things I felt was wrong. And then broke a few handfuls of things. But it was real close. I stand by if they made a 3.25 it would be ideal.

PathFinder is so much closer to “right” then a lot of other versions of Dnd but I haven’t really gone super nuts on playing it, so I can’t rate it higher. But the little I have played I would say it has the DnD feel so much more the 4th it is scary.

Second, This is the game I learned with. I played it for about 10 years. Even in an house hold where it was the “devil’s game” I carried the PHB everywhere. I was able to rip off the cover and it was a simple white card stock. It allowed me to keep it in my house and pull it out in school with out feeling like a freak. I will always remember my second ed. games fondly.

Neverwinter was/is really great single person dnd computer game, it has group play but is kinda sucks. Had I not found Ddo I would call this game the best dnd computer game of all time. Now it is the second best.

There was my top 5. What is your list?

5 thoughts on “More from Twitter

  1. 2nd Edition is syill my favorite. Not for the rules so much as all the great content that came along with that edition.

  2. I “grew up” on D&D 3.0. I am suprised NWN received a #5. NWN was amazing at the time because it turned paper, pencil, and imagintion into then excellent graphics. It was a nice improvement over years of text based D&D though MUDs. NWN had a great storyline and followed the rules of the game to a tee. I have to believe it laid the groundwork for DDO. Question is where is DDO’s Red Dragon Disciple PrC?

  3. I’ve only actually played PnP 1st and 2nd editions, and for “2nd”, we did mostly a ‘hybrid’ of sorts, keeping 1st ed as our “core” but allowing the extra classes and abilities (and content like “Forgotten Realms”) from 2nd.

    From what I’ve seen of 3rd (admittedly, not that much), it seems (to me) that they mostly have just added complexity for complexity’s sake; I like the KISS philosophy (“Keep It Simple, Stupid”) of 1st and 2nd better.

    No separate “Wiz” and “Soc”, just “MU” and “Illusionist” (remember those?). Not to mention remembering that an original, 1st ed. Bard was a Fighter/Thief/Cleric Multiclass build.

    But I wasn’t going to mention that. 😉

    • 3.0/3.5 had a learning curve that was super simple. It was easy to pick up and play but had lots of depth. And the d20 system was and is a huge boon to role playing games. 3/3.5 tried to help take the ‘house’ out of the rules. And gave us more then just a few guidelines to follow. But an actual rule set. 1st and 2nd was mostly guide lines that the Dm/s worked with in. Opening Dnd up to a larger player base.

      I often joke that I am so good at math because of 2nd ed dnd.

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